One belt all the way collaboration of investment of along the line is advanced steadily

Published on 2018-06-21

On September 14, department of Commerce holds routine news briefing, released on the meeting 1~8 month whole nation admitted foreign capital, foreign trade 2017 imports and exports and right ” one belt all the way ” the case report that country of along the line invests. Height of spokesman of news of Department of Commerce points out, 2017 1~8 month, the whole nation is new establish a foreign trader to invest an enterprise 20389, grow 10% compared to the same period. Specified number of the capital outside be being used actually five hundred and forty-seven billion nine hundred and forty million yuan of RMB, drop compared to the same period 0.2% .
The height expresses, 1~8 month, imports and exports of our country foreign trade achieved smooth rapidder growth. Foreign trade of current our country moves to basically appear the following the characteristic of 3 respects: It is the structure is optimized further. Look from commodity structure, mechanical and electrical products exports 5.63 trillion yuan of RMBs, grow 13.4% , occupy than 57.1% , occupy quite the corresponding period increased 0.2 percent last year.
2 it is dynamical changeover is accelerated. From the point of condition of foreign trade industry, the battalion business environment that condition of foreign trade new job develops is improved ceaselessly, cross condition cable business, market to purchase wait for exit to add fast apparently fast at whole add fast, new power breeds effect apparent. Large quantities of one enterprises send force from supply side, hold to innovation drive, accelerate construction of rotational force, attune, enterprise innovation ability and international competition ability increase, the consequence of additional cost and brand improves the product further.
3 it is to answer firm consolidate further to good the look of things. From the main export of our country the market looks, the our country exit to the traditional market such as the United States, European Union, Japan, grew 16.7% respectively, 14% with 10.7% , wait to Russia, India, Malaysia, Indonesia ” one belt all the way ” export of nation of along the line increases quickly, amplitude was achieved respectively 24.1% , 22.5% , 17.3% with 12.2% .
The height points out, 2017 1~8 month, investor of our country churchyard is opposite in all the whole world of 152 countries and area add blame finance newly kind direct investment, accumulative total implementation invests 68.72 billion dollar, drop compared to the same period 41.8% , blame reason invests external get further keep within limits. Contract external the project finishs turnover 88.5 billion dollar, drop compared to the same period 1.6% , forehead of new label contract one hundred and forty-nine billion five hundred and seventy million dollar, grow 12.7% compared to the same period.
1~8 month our country invests cooperative characteristic to have external: It is right ” one belt all the way ” collaboration of investment of nation of along the line is advanced steadily. 1~8 month, our country company is right ” one belt all the way ” 52 countries of along the line have increase investment newly, aggregate 8.55 billion dollar, 12.4% what hold total of the corresponding period, than last year the corresponding period increases 4.3 percent. In ” one belt all the way ” new label of state of along the line contracts external engineering contract forehead 84.51 billion dollar, 56.5% what hold total of the corresponding period, grow 21% compared to the same period; The turnover that finish 43.24 billion dollar, 48.9% what hold total of the corresponding period, grow 1.2% compared to the same period.
2 it is to invest external fall close narrow, industry structure is optimized continuously. 1~8 month, our country is not finance kind invest directly external fall reduce 2.5 percent than 1-7 month, close further narrow. Invest external main flow direction is rented and business affairs is service line of business, manufacturing industry, wholesale transmit with retail trade and information, software and IT service line of business, occupy score to be 31.1% , 16.9% , 12.6% with 10.9% .
3 it is to contract external big project of project new label is much, drive exit effect is apparent. 1~8 month, contract external forehead of contract of project new label achieves 444 in the project of above of 50 million dollar, aggregate one hundred and twenty-five billion six hundred and seventy million dollar. Contract external the project drives goods to export 9.7 billion dollar, grow 18.6% compared to the same period, commerce of goods of prep above the corresponding period exports amplitude.
4 it is area of collaboration of trade of the classics outside the condition collects effect to highlight, stimulative China and host country develop jointly.