Medicinal powder coal processing already arrived phase of assault fortified positions

Published on 2019-05-11

In winter heating season, a large number of raw coal come loose one of main source that burning is air pollution content. By China energy-saving association is sponsorred, Chinese coal treatment uses association assist do, world natural foundation and the 2nd China that rich protects association to support jointly come loose coal administers congress integratedly to was held in Beijing a few days ago. Chinese coal accuses project core to comprise a Yang Fujiang to point out, medicinal powder coal processing should have ” catch iron to have mark, step Shi Liuyin ” perseverance and spirit, strive for 2020 ” 935 ” end, medicinal powder coal processing changes significantly, finish basically 2025 medicinal powder coal administers a target.
Science of system of Tsinghua university world fastens Zhang Jiang to teach a delegate to come loose group of expert of coal processing survey was released on the meeting ” 2017 China come loose coal administers investigation report ” put forward, come loose to 2017 coal reduces 70 million tons, reduced 200 million tons of above 2020. Yang Fujiang points out, civil medicinal powder coal consumption fastigium is in winter heating period, and vast a rural area is to come loose coal administers difficulty, proportion of heating of cleanness of a rural area is very at present small still. August, print and distribute of environmental protection ministry ” Beijing ferry look forward to and Nian Qiudong of circumjacent area 2017-2018 air pollution administers season integratedly program of action of assault fortified positions ” , put forward to accelerate medicinal powder coal pollutes integrated processing, requirement by October 2017 before, “2+26 ” the city is finished take the place of with report coal, in order to enrage acting coal 3 million above.
Medicinal powder what coal uses often is the inferior coal with high content of ash content, sulfur content, also do not have desulphurization, take off saltpetre, remove dust wait for processing link. Chinese coal treatment uses head of department of career of association coal chemical industry to hold concurrently medicinal powder standing vice-president Ruan Lijun represents coal processing branch, come loose currently coal processing and winter warm oneself cleanness is changed already arrived phase of assault fortified positions, clean model coal requires finance subsidy higher as a result of original cost, at the same time inferior medicinal powder coal is superintended fulfil hard, make the promotion of its oneself and sale get confine, but at present large-scale coal changes report and coal to change gas to be faced with finance of a huge sum as much allowance and but durative test.
Ruan Lijun thinks, industry of our country coal should base oneself upon is actual circumstance, seize the favorable opportunity of supply side reform and industrial structural adjustment, increase clean model the technical research and development of coal and manufacturing sale. Use have dimensions of the factory that pick coal the dominant position with strong force of big, technology, undertake clean model the treatment production of coal and promotion sale. Change through dimensions reduce manufacturing cost, the most important is use a method integratedly through adding the litter such as slime or raw material. In the meantime, strive for taking off except organic sulfur technology, additive technology, shape the respect such as the technology achieves a breakthrough, strive to reduce product cost substantially. Pass oneself technology and socioeconomic absolutely competition ability, progressively will inferior medicinal powder coal plays a civil coal market, decrease and need not governmental finance allowance, to come loose coal is administered and the green development of air pollution prevention and cure and coal company and transition upgrade contributive force.
” 2017 China come loose coal administers investigation report ” proposal, 2017~2018 year medicinal powder coal processing, the first, the country should be built medicinal powder class of coal processing high level coordinates a mechanism, coach the whole nation comes loose as a whole coal administers the job, publish a country to come loose coal administers an opinion integratedly, make clear route chart and processing target. The 2nd, small pit furnace comes loose coal consumption is most, but long-term by oversight, should cogent catch good amount bedding face question of extensive coal fired of small pit furnace. The 3rd, suggest especially big city builds an area to wash out 35 evaporate ton and boiler of the following coal fired, big city builds an area to wash out 20 evaporate ton and aluminium of the following coal fired is produced, 10 evaporate ton and market of boiler of the following coal fired bans carry out.