Shaanxi saves environmental protection Shui Kaizheng to be entered time

Published on 2019-05-11

A few days ago, shaanxi saves environmental protection tax data turns over the job to be finished smoothly related canal of first-order Duan Zheng. My province environmental protection branch turns over 4211 taxpayer to land tax section in all 2016 year and blowdown collected fees first half of the year 2017 contaminative source is main information, indicate working make one’s bow pours a Shui Kaizheng of Shaanxi environmental protection time.
The reporter understands from bureau of the tax that save the land, ask for to ensure environmental protection tax leaves formally on January 1, 2018, 3 scrolls pasted on either side of the door forming a couplet move hall of province finance hall, province environmental protection and bureau of the tax that save the land, according to ” try to find out the real intention early organization, early deploy, early, early turn over ” principle, deepness butt joint, cooperate with closely, solid push each pre-construction work. System of Shaanxi land tax is more hammer and tongs, careful deploy, do safeguard of good idea understanding, organization, policy actively to fulfil, taxation asks for a canal ” 4 preparation ” . Department of various land tax families status cadre of constituent duty Wu undertakes system of knowledge of environmental protection duty learns for a short while, the plan tax basis that asks adroitness of the personnel that ask for a canal masters environmental protection duty, should derate of ratal, taxation and collect the relevant content such as management, consult environmental protection expert actively, understand the professional knowledge of environmental protection respect, establish the leader group that basically heads assume leadership with saving land tax bureau, make clear the duty politics, job duty that imposes the function branch such as service of canal, pay taxes, information, data, make clear working hours watch, route chart, allotted ” Shaanxi saves cess Wu bureau environmental protection Shui Kaizheng prepares the job to implement plan ” and ” working job discloses a list ” , as a whole deploy saves environmental protection Shui Kaizheng to intend the work completely.
Scrolls pasted on either side of the door forming a couplet of good to do ministry is moved, advance working progress, the branch such as tax of finance, land, environmental protection still built joint meeting system, drafted jointly ” Shaanxi province is carried out implement plan of job of environmental protection tax law ” reach ” Shaanxi saves job of key of environmental protection duty to push task detailed list and division of labor ” , clear branch function, fine chemical industry makes obligation. Save taxpayer of environmental protection duty completely to master in time fundamental condition, land tax section is returned began early days survey jointly with hall of province finance hall, province environmental protection, the online equipment that monitor runs thorough knowledge company, the circumstance such as post setting, personnel administration.
On August 29, hall of bureau of the tax that save the land and province finance hall, province environmental protection holds complete province jointly in Xi’an informal discussion of work of preparation of environmental protection duty. Come from legal system of government of province National People’s Congress, province do, the province develops innovation appoint, personnel is mixed related hall of agriculture of province prices bureau, province delegate of partial expert scholar, enterprise is collective carry out around environmental protection tax law, according to Shaanxi province environment carrying capacity, contaminant discharges zoology of society of the current situation, economy to develop target and enterprise to bear ability, target of the effect that ought to produce in environmental protection with respect to environmental protection duty, adjusting control and the policy effect that produce possibly through taxation lever undertake discussion, answer to complete province duty contaminant is specific standard of the amount of tax to be paid, whether to increase same discharge a mouth to answer duty contaminant project counts to table a proposal.
“Impose environmental protection tax, it is our country ‘ cost changes tax ‘ another significant move. But its execute the law of difficulty tall, also raise taller challenge and requirement to duty Wu worker, only height takes seriously, prepare meticulously, ability precautions averts perils, for environmental protection Shui Kaizheng laid good foundation 2018. ” Zhao Changshun expresses deputy director general of bureau of tax of Shaanxi province land. After turning over a ceremony to end, section of tax of environmental protection, land still is declared with respect to next environmental protection duty, information check and shared a mechanism to undertake communicating chime business deep.