Eminent Er group is bought change model to collect layout chemical industry trades platform

Published on 2019-05-11

On October 11, the chemical industry that eminent Er group announces to buy an industry to precede and plastic raw material electric business platform ” change model to collect ” , become control a partner. According to introducing, the chemical industry with layout market bigger prospect trades platform, will extend Zhuo Er to trade the client base of zoology, farther promotion trades dimensions.
According to the agreement, eminent Er group will be passed this second buy hold the equity of 52.48% . The virgin group that Zhi Jianpeng presents as leading role and perilous peak are evergreen fund, aurora borealis is achieved cast, a gleam of such as SIG invests an orgnaization will still hold share share.
Headquarters is located in Shanghai change model to collect, be dedicated the platform of electronic business affairs that serves at chemical industry, plastic commerce, with distributed the innovation management pattern that shares platform, construction changes system of state of new student of catenary of model industry entire industry. The advantage of coastal staple market reachs southeast of press close to of have the aid of to trade efficiently match pattern, become the star company of the be among the best of candidates inside course of study with 3 years of time only, many handpick breed hold significant position. Change model to collect traded 2016 the forehead (GMV) evens more 30 billion yuan, business income 4.8 billion yuan, newest month clinchs a deal the forehead (GMV) amounts to 5 billion yuan, highest battalion receives odd-numbered days to defeat 100 million yuan.
Buy after finishing, change model to collect will blend in intelligence of eminent Er whole world to trade in the round ecology group, to receiving eminent Er intelligence content shedding, finance, supply service chain trades below the line on the line such as chain management. Change model to collect the gateway of chemical buying operation that already built maturity, have many and high frequency trade business and voluminous data precipitation, and eminent Er group takes those who reach bank of associated orgnaization numerous country to present as leading role to supply catenary finance to serve a dominant position by Zhuo Erjin apparent. Both sides cooperates with after the butt joint, will provide more convenient and active banking service for the client, aid force to change model to collect do continuously large-scale, become platform of the throughout the country’s biggest chemical cable business.
Change model to collect with ” Internet + chemical industry ” group of management of domain major operation joins Zhuo Er, rangzhuoer trades zoology is encircled gradually join together becomes the industrial Internet with new economy stronger impression big ring. The take one’s place in the ranks that changes model to collect makes Zhuo Er had Zhuo Er to buy, the 4 big core such as net of potential of Lan Ting market, middle peasant trade platform, cover consumable, produce, chemical industry, cross the mainstream category such as condition commerce, trade dimensions is close 400 billion yuan, establish structural frame position for -727379968 targets.
It is reported, include new join change model to be collected inside, zhuo Er is passed inside unripe with buy 20 when form to trade reach supply catenary to serve platform near future to already began deepness is integrated, advance platform cooperation and resource to share, in talent group, big data, management technology of tool, intelligence, wind accuses the respect such as the system to realize comprehensive interconnection each other to connect.
Yan Zhi of chairman of board of directors of eminent Er group introduces, quicken confluence as each platform and develop synergism, eminent Er group more trading and serve the assemble resource, become China’s biggest B2B to trade reach the service platform, medium and small businesses that has force most to supply catenary to serve compositive trader.