Firm market low seeks close price of commodity of chloric propane of domestic annulus oxygen hard

Published on 2019-05-11

One, price of annulus oxygen chloric propane goes situation:

Show according to data of a large amount of a list of names posted up, in August, annulus oxygen chloric propane discusses the price to rise considerably, domestic company leaves factory quote all valence is in 9230 yuan / ton, prices rises 12% .

2, prices analysis:

Product: Annulus oxygen is pushed on chloric propane market this month apparent, factory stock is small, and supply long-term contract client to give priority to more, market price case goes considerably go up, market price case already was achieved at present inside year high point. Brunt spot market goes up for should tightening up factory of come off work to push purpose is clear, new weak price goes high. Current, shandong and 9300-9500 of China north area yuan / ton, 9500-9600 of Hua Dong area yuan / ton, 9500-9600 of yellow country region yuan / ton.

Industrial catenary: Supply an area: In August, domestic propylene is supplied decrease. Shandong area, suffer environmental protection to add how to control the impact that examine, each are big manufacturer appear different level jockeys, it is good to supply side benefit aid push propylene price to go up. Market of domestic industry glycerine clinchs a deal centre of gravity is pushed continuously tall, cost pressure is constant pressure boost, supply face insecurity to prop up below, low of merchandise on hand is searched hard, and Yi Xian of demand side follow-up slants weak, clinch a deal to still suffer be restricted, wait-and-see mood is thick. Demand side: Downstream solid epoxy resin is off-season reach environmental protection to restrict next much digestive stock to give priority to, heavier to new odd resentment, integral follow-up is slow. Liquid epoxy resin goes up apparent, accept its oneself demand to good it is good to reach partial plant overhaul to expect profit prop up apparent, market supply of goods is nervous, new weak price hooks up repeatedly push. Imports and exports: Our country imported annulus oxygen chloric propane in July 2017 812 tons, entrance amount 860 thousand dollar, all valence 1069 dollars / ton. Relatively on the month decreases 67% , relatively the corresponding period grew 5.76% last year.

3, hind city forecasts:

Current, goods of annulus oxygen chloric propane tightens valence firm, market low is looked for hard, new sheet clinchs a deal the quantity remains follow-up. And for epoxy resin market, circumstance of market become divided will still apparent, each factory digests liquid colophony more early days order is given priority to, price performance is strong. And solid colophony still is affected by the not certain factor such as environmental protection. Jin Jiuyin 10 anticipate action falls, demand side hopeful gets ameliorative, market perch is arranged give priority to, but still need to pay close attention to market trends.