Heibei cuts down coal fired to use up processing pollution

Published on 2019-05-11

Recently, heibei province is air pollution of processing autumn winter, advance with all one’s strength medicinal powder coal pollutes control, advance in exert oneself of annulus capital area ” the coal that enrage era ” and ” electric acting coal ” make ” the area that ban coal ” , electric energy is advanced to replace in industrial domain decrease a platoon to extract effect with coal fired, reduce coal fired pollution.
A rural area comes loose the main factor that coal combustion is air pollution of winter of area of Beijing ferry look forward to. Last year, with the Heibei Langfang of Beijing ferry border on, Baoding 18 counties urban district is delimited be ” the area that ban coal ” , enter through big thrust ” medicinal powder coal is replaced ” project. By this year October before, heibei ” the area that ban coal ” come loose implementation coal ” to clear ” .
“The area that ban coal ” besides, city of transmission passageway of Heibei air pollution also is carried out energetically ” the coal that enrage era ” wait for cleanness to warm oneself project, winter warms oneself this year Ji Qian, heibei province will be finished 1.8 million dwellers ” the coal that enrage era ” ” electric acting coal ” project, implementation cleanness warms oneself.
In industrial domain, heibei province holds to ” the project decreases coal, ability to change section coal, policy to be restricted coal, clean generation coal ” develop simultaneously, pressure decrease coal to consume gross, fulfil add coal fired newly to build project coal to decrease a quantity to replace policy, executive concentration heat addition is replaced and fuel displacement. Dan of Han of Heibei industry big city, around traditional metallurgy, cast wait for tall pollution industry, build electric energy to replace project green passageway, ensure pollution the sources of energy is replaced with the rapiddest rate for clean electric energy. Data of company of power supply of Han Dan city shows, han Dan finishs the electric energy such as smelt, heating to replace a project first half of the year 700 many, replace n nearly 900 million kilowatt hour, predicting annual will be finished replace n 1.9 billion kilowatt hour. Metallurgy, cast etc besides traditional domain, han Dan city still is in fire of pottery and porcelain, meal, traffic, stock raising, produce cultivates the domain such as treatment to accelerate electric energy to replace pace.
Be aimed at coal fired large family, heibei will advance coal fired to decrease a platoon to extract effect, the coal fired large family such as steely, building materials, chemical industry will accelerate engineering technology and environmental protection to transform, implement standard of coal fired quality strictly.