Na Chuan shale enrages project end of this month to transport gas

Published on 2019-05-11

From Na Chuan town of area water river understands, plain area shale enrages a project to already obtained condition transporting gas south, will this month the last ten-day of a month transports gas formally. The project is amounted to completely postpartum, produce per year gas to will amount to 1.6 billion stere, predict the end of the year can transport gas this year 100 million ~2 100 million stere.

Water river town regards shaly gas natural resources as area of memory limits core, exploration area and exploration crop all occupy above of whole area in part. By 2015, company of petrifaction Fu hill is mixed in the branch garrisons Hua Dong in succession water river, carry out 17 platform to develop construction, in all artesian well more than 70.

“Current, in there are 2 platforms to obtain condition transporting gas in 9 platform of position of company of petrifaction Fu hill, in petrifaction has 5 platform to obtain condition transporting gas in 8 platform of layout of Hua Dong branch. ” shale of water river town enrages Dai Jianbo of harmonious office controller to say, crop of test of well of 184-2HF of page of its the part of the body cavity between the diaphragm and the umbilicus housing the spleen is as high as four hundred and fifty-seven thousand nine hundred stere / day, other of each well produce tolerance to be in 200 thousand stere / day left and right sides.

According to introducing, the shale that plain area place produces south is angry besides through growing south artery transporting gas is received ” plain gas east send ” outside managing a network, still the part will be used for this locality enterprise, because be producing area is collected oneself,sell oneself, leave out conduit carries the cost with process loss, will using air fare field for this locality enterprise managing and many cost.