Research and development of sensor of humidity of laser high temperature great and special start

Published on 2019-05-11

On September 19, equipment of great and scientific instrument develops department of national science and technology special — ” the development of sensor of humidity of laser high temperature that faces mixed operating mode and industrialization ” the project ceremony that start is held in Beijing. Science and technology of Beijing spaceflight easy couplet develops limited company controller to announce in the ceremonially that start, will use two years of time, the breakthrough includes limits of humidity big trends to get used to 4 crucial technologies that measure a technology inside, success to develop working temperature to be in oneself sensor realizes the humidity of laser high temperature of ℃ of 20 ℃ ~350 finally the product is changed and industrialized promotion applies.
As we have learned, “Development of sensor of humidity of laser high temperature and industrialization ” the main task of the project is the sensor of humidity of laser high temperature that research and development faces requirement of mixed operating mode. Sensor of humidity of this kinds of laser is to be based on TDLAS technology (adjustable the abbreviation that humorous semiconductor laser absorbs spectral technology) those who realize humidity measure. Famous laser of controller of group of this project expert, our country and nonlinear Yao Jianquan of academician of optical expert, Chinese Academy of Sciences introduces, the technology compares TDLAS to measure way at the tradition, this technology is used to undertake humidity is measured below high temperature environment, have disturb without across, measure range tall, real time measures big, precision wait for an advantage, can realize high temperature humidity to be monitored in real time. Once this sensor develops a success, can promote humidity of our country high temperature to monitor a level, raise environmental protection to discharge calculate procedure of accuracy, industry energy-saving decrease a platoon.
It is reported, develop this instrument special development should solve the many domains high temperature such as control of procedure of our country environmental protection, industry namely humidity is accurate measured difficult problem. “The humidity below high temperature environment is measured, its accuracy affects computation of environmental protection domain to discharge gross or process of industrial production domain to control efficiency directly. It is with environmental protection domain exemple, the contaminant chroma that industrial boiler discharges calculates need to measure flue gas humidity. Accordingly, the accuracy that flue gas contains wet quantity to measure is affected directly discharge gross, affect assessment of index of national environmental protection. ” it is so important that high temperature humidity is measured, but the difficulty that its technology realizes is very great however, because such, this project approves ministry of science and technology at was being obtained this year in August equipment of great and scientific instrument develops special application.
Before this, spaceflight easy couplet has begun research and development of technology of 4 years of TDLAS, have relevant base, measure achievement opinion of the technology at beginning humidity of high accuracy TDLAS in June 2016, technical level achieves international advanced. Li Gang of this company controller is right in the report group of course of content of research setting, target, research, technology, scientific research and research foundation, anticipate achievement, project studies cycle made detailed report. Introduce according to him, project group will around measure environmental humidity element of interference of big, operating mode is much (corrode gas, electrostatic, soot, droplet to wait) , devoid high temperature is high the crucial question such as dependability of the parts of an apparatus below wet demarcate technology and abominable operating mode, big dynamic range gets used to breakthrough humidity oneself measure much wavelengh of technology, mixed operating mode to measure control technology and laser temperature electric current to control a technology, development work temperature the sensor of humidity of laser high temperature of ℃ of 20 ℃ ~350, begin demonstrative application to improve optimize, achieve the goal that the high temperature humidity such as steam of flue gas, waste gas, boiler measures in real time, realize final sensor product to change, industrialization.
Come from an environment to monitor, the technologist group of the relevant domain such as instrument of radio, appearance and the user committee member that comprise by the industry user such as electric power, environmental protection, spaceflight, petrifaction listened to project group report, in the light of the product at the same time demonstrative application phase offerred relevant proposal.
As we have learned, this project research and development by spaceflight Tian Hongyi of city of institute of Yi Lian and institute of semiconductor of Chinese Academy of Sciences, electrician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan expresses finite liability company to be finished jointly. Limited company of development of science and technology of Beijing spaceflight easy couplet is holding company of academy of eleventh of company of group of spaceflight science and technology, have base of research and development of technology of 4 years of TDLAS, have 3 to have product of own intellectual property, assume project sensor development and institute of semiconductor of Chinese Academy of Sciences of industrialization job; to be in our country banner cavalcade all the time in domain of semiconductor laser research and development, develop electrician of Chinese Academy of Sciences of; of miniaturization semiconductor laser to study place is engaged in electric power electron for a long time dominating research for this project, be good at design of signal processing, instrument, for this project development core algorithm is mixed measure city of technical; Wuhan the scientific research that Tian Hongyi expresses finite liability company to have in sphere of device of environmental protection instrument nearly 20 years develops experience, for this project spot promotion of test, demonstrative application is offerred strong prop up.