Distant revive essence of two provinces collaboration refines labour

Published on 2018-06-21

On September 15, “Liaoning, investment of series of collaboration of Jiangsu speak or sing alternately is recommended meeting — special performance of careful chemical industry ” kick off in Nanjing, the labour that comes from two provinces and relevant city (classics) letter appoint, chief of division of key petrifaction garden and Jiangsu save delegate of more than 80 enterprise to add up to 180 Yu Ren attended the meeting. The both sides on the meeting signed the investment agreement of domain of 6 careful chemical industry.
Among them, jiangsu day blesses biology engineering limited company and n development of estate of new and high technology signed medicine of chemical raw material and project of production of additive agent for food to invest free tax zone of harbor of agreement, Home Zhang development of estate of new and high technology signed limited company of jade sea chemical industry and n to abandon packing of product of old chemical industry to reclaim the loop is used.
Liaoning labour is believed appoint vice director Gao Wei points out, petrifaction industry is one of industries of mainstay of Liaoning province industry, area of garden of 15 keys petrifaction is development of Liaoning petrifaction industry stand for war. Jiangsu of hope have the aid of refines the talent of labor field, technology, capital, industry to wait for an advantage in essence of life, pass brand-new cooperative mode, the Liaoning that help strength develops property of careful chemical industry, pull catenary of long petrifaction industry, fill neat industry is short board, achieve each square win-win progress.
“Jiangsu and Liaoning are ‘ one belt all the way ‘ main area, the petrifaction industry of two ground is having very solid base. Well-known company and chemical project had been in a batch of Jiangsu such as Jiangsu constant force Liaoning achieves progress, the space that two provinces industry cooperates meets prospective Su Liao bigger. ” Jiangsu classics is believed appoint vice director Hu Xuetong expresses.