3D prints data familial enlarge member the alloy that new method handles makes an intensity can compare forge capable person

Published on 2018-06-21

England ” natural ” the magazine publishs science of a material 20 days newest breakthrough achievement: American scientist research and development gives a kind of 3D to print the new method of high strenth aluminium alloy. At present great majority uses the alloy that adds material to make means develop to be able to appear periodic crackle, but new the alloy that come out not only did not appear crackle trace, and intensity can makes material than forge. This method returns what can be used at other alloy to make.

3D prints what say to be based on a metal again to add material to make, it is to point to the technology that pursues a layer to add metallic powder to undertake production, this kind of method can raise a design to freedom is spent and create flexibility. But regretful is, in a variety of 5500 alloy that use at present, great majority cannot be used add material to make, only a few kinds of a few alloy can be printed reliably come out, because producing the caky power in the process,the society brings about income data to appear periodic crackle.

This, the United States rests this research lab scientist briefs writing · Martin and its work in the same placing, introduced accept rice particle to control in adding material to make a process caky, offerred a good solution for this problem. They chose the aluminium alloy closely related to car, aviation and consumptive application to have a test above all, use computer software subsequently, analysed the combination of a variety of 4500 different alloy and accept rice particle, hydrogen sulfide of surface of final make choice of (had handled) zirconium is a kind of equal pay rice particle material.

In the experiment, researcher gives two kinds of aluminium alloy — the 7 departments aluminium alloy with commonly used 7075(, intensity is best) do not have 7 departments with 6061(intensity tall, but processability can be admirable) pulverization powder adds coating of particle of rice of accept of zirconium of exterior hydrogen sulfide, reuse is alternative laser is fused technology, undertake material is made adding. Result discovery, relatively the 7075 makes with 6061 powder parts that do not have coating of accept rice particle at using, the alloy that makes with accept rice particle did not appear crackle trace, and intensity can makes material than forge.

Researcher thinks, this kind of new method broke through the tie of traditional production pattern already, inferior none again on intensity color, return applicable at other alloy, expanded further thereby add material to make material ” familial ” .