Development of coal industry transition still needs to buy power

Published on 2018-06-21

Current, change with intelligence, of feature of melt into of informatization, big data, green new revolution of round of technology is in arisen, change quickly of innovation of energy science and technology, be in and will change world energy resources and industrial structure continuously. “Regard our country as property of principal pillar of the sources of energy, coal industry should hold new revolution of round of technology expands opportunity, begin coal to extract intelligence is changed deep, use cleanness to change, administrative informatization and talent strategy research, change with big data, information melt into is propped up, lead coal industry scientific progress, promotion innovation expands new power. ” Wang Xianzheng of chairman of association of Chinese coal industry pointed out in Yinchuan a few days ago.
The characteristic of gift of our country resource and coal natural resources decided, henceforth longer inside period, coal remains security of energy of safeguard our country to stabilize supply cornerstone, “Coal is a foundation, multivariate development ” strategic principle of the sources of energy and the energy situation that give priority to body with coal won’t be changed. Develop through reform of a few years, coal industry had solid development base. Through a few years especially the rapid development of nearly 10 one’s remaining years, coal industry structure is optimized ceaselessly, equipment engineering capability promotes, overall level improves coal productivity considerably, large base, large modern mine, intelligence changes mine construction to be advanced steadily. What with coal report, coal anxious, coal changes basis of melt into of an organic whole is multivariate harmonious development pattern forms the industry basically, the base that coal industry expands is more solid. In the meantime, industrial policy system is perfected soundly ceaselessly, coal commercializes reform to be advanced steadily, countrywide coal market trades sincere letter system perfects society of system, enterprise soundly gradually, “In long-term contract ” system and ” fundamental price + float price ” those who commercialize price mechanism build, provided mechanism safeguard to promote coal industry to move smoothly.
Although industry transition upgrades development power promotes considerably, but Wang Xianzheng reminds, coal industry still faces a lot of difficulty and challenge in development. “The development of industry of our country coal walks out of enlarge not completely still the large-scale, development pattern that raises crop, huff to cast off predicament and inertial thinking. ” Wang Xianzheng points out, the industry grows new normal state to issue the understanding of new concept, new thinking, new strategy to remain to rise to economy, to urging strategy of revolution of the sources of energy the thought is mixed answer new the knowledge of revolution of round of technology is not intimate.
Ode of natural resources of our country coal puts conditional differ in thousands ways, productivity level develops extremely difference is bigger between old company of the burgeoning enterprise of area of advantage of disequilibrium; resource and old mining area, the company that has international competition ability is little, competition ability of large quantities of one company of old mining area are insufficient, the problem that develops difficulty still mechanism of system of innovation of science and technology of very outstanding; still is not perfected, ability of primitive sex innovation is more fragile, administrative innovation does not have revolutionary progress… Wang Xianzheng points out, industry of our country coal grows lopsided, innovation to develop the problem with insufficient power to still be highlighted.
In the meantime, drive industry transition to upgrade to still be faced with talent, technology and capital to wait restrict. Coal industry transition upgrades is the technology upgrades, management upgrades, the industry grows by in the complex system project that Xiang Zhonggao carries low Duan Mai. The process is here medium, science of natural resources of a few coal develops the fundamental theory that use to still remain to break through, urgent beard of issue of a few crucial technologies tackles key problem solve. Compare with the advantage company look that has international competition ability, mechanism of great majority business management innovates urgently, high-end talent and compound model the talent is insufficient, great benefit of dimensions of the industry that be not coal is low, leverage house does not fall high to upgrade with transition the contradiction that needs many capital investment is outstanding.
Countrywide coal is produced can superfluous also not allow to ignore with the contradiction of area in short supply. Pass 10 one’s remaining years super- often develop quickly, our country coal builds investment to increase continuously, make coal is produced can superfluous. But as a result of northeast, medium south wait for area resource condition with southwest opposite poorer, in small coal mine is much, safe production pressure is great, go producing can proportion is large, coal of sex of regional, period of time supplies nervous problem to highlight. And difficulty of coal production company is more, go producing can colliery worker finds a place for, assets liabilities deals with difficulty is great. From 2012 since second half of the year, coal industry experienced 4 years of much difficult period. Although from 2016 second half of the year began an industry to appear look forward to is firm to good development posture, but most enterprise is managed still difficult, battalion of already of look forward to and mining area stabilize pressure to still exist.
Face the opportunity that coal industry expands and challenge, wang Xianzheng thinks, entire industry should insist to give priority to a line in order to promote reform of sex of structure of coal supply side, with coal safety green intelligence changes exploitation and cleanness efficient low carbon intensive is changed use for main attack direction, breed development new kinetic energy, mode of development of stimulative coal industry serves to production by type of production model change, implementation coal develops to transition of clean the sources of energy by traditional the sources of energy.