The refine that press down the sea changes development new-style heat exchanger moves 1000 days

Published on 2018-06-21

End September the middle ten days of a month, the refine that press down the sea changes device of a constant decompression to often carry safety of the heat exchanger that circle a canal on the head to move amount to 1000 days, moving innovation of equipment long cycle is tall. The new-style heat exchanger that circle a canal is in headquarters is congener in device first try out is successful, the material that is this kind of heat exchanger upgrades character, structural type selecting fumble give a new way.
What one constant device machines is tall sulfur crude oil, heat exchanger controls commonly used carbon steel two years to be able to appear commonly corrode leak, equipment cuts an overhaul often to be put in bigger safe risk. Be aimed at this equipment ” long-standing ” problem, the refine that press down the sea is changed protect unit coact to tackle key problem with dimension, development developed a new-style titanium material to circle tubal heat exchanger, industrial try out undertakes in one constant device. This equipment is improved from the many sided innovation such as structural design, select material and workmanship, have high flow, prevent erosive, prevent knot dirty, refuse wave motion, low pressure falls, tall conduct heat, anti-corrosive wait for a characteristic, still added derv and flow of deoxidize water displacement at the same time, overhaul security in order to improve facility.

On December 19, 2014, new heat exchanger finishs field assembly to join movement, up to now safe already moving breakthrough 1000 days. Move make an on-the-spot investigation make clear, with other 4 textures differ the heat exchanger with use same environment is comparative, bear of new heat exchanger is smooth, maintain from beginning to end in 26% the left and right sides, flow of heat exchange medium is the largest. Future, the refine that press down the sea is changed will continue had done use effect to make an on-the-spot investigation dog, offer to will be used in the promotion of congener device henceforth experience and draw lessons from.