Geology of our country carbon dioxide seals up for keeping research obtains significant progress

Published on 2018-06-21

Carbon dioxide is caught collect and seal up for keeping technology (abbreviation CCUS) points to carbon dioxide from large source (wait like power plant, chemical plant) catch market, carry and infuse underground deep store the layer undertakes permanent the technology that seal up for keeping, it is implementation coal cleanness is efficient use, one of effective technology measures that answer global climate change. The carbon dioxide that catchs market in order to exceed infuse of critical pressure condition store layer, be in store the layer is poriferous the polyphase flow in the structure and with store layer water and the chemical reaction between rock, immediate impact carbon dioxide is in store the ode inside the layer retains position, it is carbon dioxide geology seals up for keeping the key that long-term security evaluates. However, become by force content sex, chemical mechanism of reaction and flow of structural coupling two-phase is not clear, forecast theoretically hard, high pressure is visible experimental difficulty is great, cannot forecast deep thereby store lamination force change is long-term to sealing up for keeping the influence of security.
National emphasis research and development plans ” coal cleanness is efficient use and new-style and energy-saving technology ” the emphasis is special 2016 project approving project ” CO2 feebleminded bad news catchs collect and geology seal up for keeping the issue of crucial background science that use studies ” the project obtains significant progress. Group of Tsinghua university Professor Jiang Peixue built hole and maximum pressure of fine view measure visible test system, came true to exceed critical pressure to fall (the real time that is more than 7.4MPa) two-phase interface is tracked and ration is measured, announced interface and the microcosmic mechanism that the structure changes to be affected to two-phase flow. This group discovery is mineral and deliquescent through enlarging aperture larynx the diameter is mixed reduce the area that compare a list to change aperture structure, cause carbon dioxide / curve of water wool fine pressure and the change relative to permeability, become at the same time store when lamination force is reduced, first the amalgamative phenomenon that the experiment discovers bleb of separate out of CO2 of small Kong Zhong, the coupling effect that explain understands chemical reaction and poriferous and polyphase flow arises from sealed mechanism, prevent CO2 to be in store the sudden shift in the layer.
The thesis that studies achievement forms related ” mineral and deliquescent / precipitation and CO2 separate out are geological to carbon the influence that the CO2 in sealing up for keeping moves ” (” Effect Of Mineral Dissolution/Precipitation And CO2 Exsolution On CO2 Transport In Geological Carbon Storage ” ) was in on August 16 chemical domain special issue of Accounts Of Chemical Research(of top class periodical: Carbolic geology seals up for keeping medium chemistry) online publish.