Jin Jiuyin 10 glycol fourth aether whether solid return to the name?

Published on 2019-05-11

The near future, aether of Chinese glycol man (BCS) the market goes sign is subtle, atmosphere of previous be expected to fall is swept and empty, subsequently and those who come is low cherish carry out, haven inventory anticipates amount of the hair outside nervous, homebred goods is limited etc. So the market is about to enter traditional demand peak period ” Jin Jiuyin 10 ” , does market of glycol fourth aether go potential energy to deny solid return to the name?

Above all, add of raw material perch goes up, raw material is supplied slant close cause homebred money go into operation rate is inferior. Northeast inferior ethylene continuance is firm in explore goes up trend, because American hurricane affects Asian area ethylene to supply,slant close, at present the mainstream offers already prep above 1300 dollars / ton CFR is northeast inferior. Refuse to budge of perch of market of ethane of domestic annulus oxygen, because raw material lasts,explore goes up cost continues to apply pressure, consume a domain to buy each downstream go up atmosphere is not decreased, it is difficult that ethane of oxygen of raw material annulus supplies tight situation of short duration alleviate. And price of relevant product glycol is exalted, crop of whole of annulus oxygen ethane has apparent promotion hard. With Tian Yin the factory is exemple, at present go into operation of fourth aether unit leads its glycol inferior, its commodity quantity produces ester of fourth aether acetic acid except for private use beyond, still need to implement partial contract door, amount of the hair outside homebred goods near future is so limited, performance of market quoted price is strong.

Next, american hurricane is affected, prospective 2-3 aether of lunar glycol man arrives the quantity anticipates decrease. Tropical storm breaths out dimension to land Texas south to bring about Houston refinery to shut, the American refine plant of about 24% shuts stop, bring about then take product of American chemical industry of 1/3 above produce can stop production. From this aether of American glycol man will be faced with raw material to rise reach supply the case such as insecurity, besides close 2-3 ocean goods offers since the month this exiguous, did not come so 1-2 goods of month of ocean of glycol fourth aether will be more in short supply, market quoted price also will is faced with promote considerably.

Additional, sand of contented family name is special supply of goods and Taiwan east when is couplet supply of goods reached to harbor declare at customs put in bigger uncertainty. Accompany contented family name was in June the unit of glycol fourth aether with special sand is started gradually, trafficker of Chinese market majority enters state of whole equipment battle, ocean goods begins to already decreased apparently to boat quantity at the beginning of August, but sanded especially fourth aether did not arrive tardy however, only 811 tons of goods reached Hua Na area July, but because declare at customs,this approves data issue goods has not declare at customs, still not was in at present the market is current. And Hua Dong market comes to also do not have sand spy goods to arrive at present boat. Through understanding, sanded especially fourth aether can be in China the earliest the market current or in September after the middle ten days of a month. Taiwan east when does couplet goods carry to Hua Dong the market also is put in bigger uncertainty, but hear early days will be 2-3 the bucket loading of ark, although the market is entered at the beginning of September,also will affect finite.

Integration analysis, glycol fourth aether continued very likely to rush September tall. Homebred goods is supplied finite, haven can make work supply of goods is used up gradually, add sand spy goods to still be had no make clear harbor message, fourth aether entered glycol of Hua Dong market once more likely September supply nervous condition. Accompany raw material to have rise further trend, be forced to follow below pressure of homebred goods cost go up, and factory of raw material shortage is faced with stop production at any time, hopeful of glycol fourth aether asked a vessel again September 11000 yuan / ton, go up actually still need to see harbor reachs sand spy freight declare at customs time.