innovation of area of national emphasis garden monitors a report 2016 release in Beijing

Published on 2018-06-21

On September 20, ministry of science and technology is released in Beijing ” innovation of area of national emphasis garden monitors a report 2016 ” . ” report ” be based on 2014-2015 year statistical data, build quota system through compose, area of new and high to the country area, garden of agricultural science and technology and can develop ability of experimental division innovation to undertake monitoring continuously.
Lead new-style industrialized action to highlight
Show according to the report, current state tall newly-added district has become countrywide innovation resource activity of the most concentrated, innovation intensity of the most active, innovation achievement of the biggest, innovation most the area of plentiful and substantial. What countrywide classics puts on record is numerous achieve a space 40.5% inside national tall newly-added district. National tall newly-added district was added newly 2016 register an enterprise to achieve 282 thousand. Defray of funds of R&D of the enterprise inside new and high area amounts to five hundred and thirty-seven billion nine hundred and ninety million yuan, 44.3% what take countrywide company, the proportion that investment of full research and development holds total output value is amounted to 6.13% , it is 2.9 times of countrywide average level.
According to introducing, what the dimensions economy gross of national tall newly-added district has made national economy growth and progress of local region economy is strong prop up. National tall newly-added district already became the main source of Chinese burgeoning industry, assemble company of 41 thousand new and high technologies, 39.4% what take measure of countrywide tall look forward to; Appear on the market domestic and internationally enterprise many 1400, new 3 board hang out one’s shingle the company is close 3800; Countrywide Internet in 100 strong companies be born 96 times at national tall newly-added district, the whole nation has 104 131 times to be in in horny animal industry alone new and high area. Formed wait for the global innovation upland that is a delegate with ZhongGuanCun, Zhang Jiang, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, was born a batch with millet, China for, company of Alibaba has world force new and high technology that is a delegate.
Cao Guoying of vice director of new and high department represents department of science and technology, national tall newly-added district has become our country to take Chinese distinguishing feature banner of one side of own innovation viatic, in innovation drive development, transition in upgrading, developed lead action, it is our country is driven ” double achieve ” expand the mainest strategy power with industry of new and high technology. Already also became Chinese deepness to blend in the main platform of global economic system, in lead new-style industrialization, drive town to change side effect to highlight.
Can develop experimental division to build effect continuously remarkable
It is reported, the country can expand experimental division continuously is the branch such as ministry of science and technology a place that drives jointly can expand pilot demonstrative job continuously, end 2016 the end of the year, already built experimental division 189, distributing in the whole nation 31 are saved (area, city) .
Hair of company of department of science and technology manages director Wu Yuanbin discloses, found initial stage, be based on economy construction and social progress are not lopsided, harmonious wait for a problem, experimental division job put forward to rely on progress of science and technology and system mechanism reform, implementation economy and society, population, resource, environment coordinates development. Wu Yuanbin expresses, this one concept is in at that time not only home is advanced, the innovation with concept of the development on international also is synchronous. Be the exploration of sex of the look up before this is planted, 1992 for our country U.N. annulus is sent earnest promises leaves on congress can develop road to provide academic reserve and practice basis continuously.
Wu Yuanbin introduces, experimental division job was not used rely on finance to allocate funds make the experiment, way that leans policy privilege to start development, use a technology to popularize application and system reform innovation however these two methods begin the work, exploration went out ” support of guidance of governmental organization, expert, business, public is participated in ” collaboration establishs a mechanism in all, whole nations of a lot of development index excel of experimental division are average level. Wu Yuanbin expresses, experimental division returned exploration to form a batch of district that have innovation sex to be able to develop pattern continuously, the Guangxi that the Zhejiang that builds like beautiful country installs agriculture of loop of auspicious mode, zoology the Jiangsu of reinsurance of respectful city mode, a serious illness too storehouse mode. “Can last of a few successes development experience and mode had popularized area of experimental division periphery and even whole nation, experimental division became a country to be able to expand the one side stand that the strategy carries out continuously. Experimental division became a country to be able to expand the one side stand that the strategy carries out continuously..