Many device jockey personal ketone take advantage of an opportunity turns overhaul ring go up

Published on 2018-06-21

One, the market goes situation

Show according to monitoring data, end on August 31, personal ketone price is domestic annulus 9340 yuan / ton, relatively rose in price on August 1 2.64% . In August annulus the raise after value of personal ketone market ors first, go up be more than drop.

2, prices analysis

Product: At the beginning of this month in and month out, value of personal ketone market shows domestic annulus to move smoothly. Begin from August 7, supply of merchandise on hand of personal ketone market promotes domestic annulus considerably, bring about the market to discuss quickness of centre of gravity to glide, each are big the factory all differs degree reduces 200-500 yuan / or so tons. End on August 9, annulus of Hua Na market personal ketone mainstream offers 9700-9750 yuan / ton cash comes loose water sends, main trend of Hua Dong market offers referenced 9450-9550 yuan / ton cash comes loose water sends; Intent of Shandong market main trend offers attend 9300 yuan / ton cash comes loose water sends. Manufacturer shipment performance is relatively positive, but downstream demand slants cool, risk playing detective increases continuously. Till August 19, personal ketone market makes domestic ring cast atmosphere occurrence change, the market because of Shanxi device jockey temporarily the overhaul is supplied slant close. Market of the region austral its China exchanges views centre of gravity firm in rise 150-200 yuan / or so tons, each are big the factory offers wide cut all go up move 200 yuan / or so tons, discuss centre of gravity firm Zhongshangsheng. And examine an issue because of environmental protection, partial plant go into operation is insufficient, mainstream factory merchandise on hand is supplied slant to issue quote closely to continue rise. End on August 31, annulus of Hua Dong area personal ketone market is exalted dish whole, partial low supply of goods still is put, the part holds money business purpose to offer on the high side, but clinch a deal delicate. Market intent offers can consult in 9950-10200 yuan / ton cash comes loose water sends, solid sheet can exchange views.

Analysis: From August the last ten-day of a month begins, outside pure benzene dish go up influence is sweeping, the price knocks 830 dollars continuously / ton around. And in petrifaction moves 200 yuan at going up 29 days / ton, together with holds money business to be pushed actively go up, but clinch a deal actually whole is lack of power, do not have almost downstream chase after go up consciousness. American hurricane problem causes refine factory stop production, pure benzene is supplied reduce an amount exciting also market is bullish pure benzene, also drove the hype mood of Asian market. End on August 31, haven of Hua Dongchun benzene offers reach 6400 yuan / ton around carry oneself, buy dish of intent 6300-6350 yuan / ton around carry oneself. On the other hand, at present market of amine of the acyl inside oneself faces country acid test, price shock is given priority to. End on August 31, price of main trend of market of amine of the acyl inside oneself maintains in 13400-13600 yuan / or so tons, accept sends, 12500-12800 of hear of northward low goods controls cash to leave factory.

3, hind city is forecasted

Will integratedly look, personal ketone market gets ring pure benzene is carried brace up, the device of problem of together with environmental protection overhauls a problem, show supply slant tight situation. Supply of pure in September benzene will increase somewhat, raw material price will be relatively some stabler, annulus personal ketone value is particular see demand carry circumstance and condition of unit go into operation. Annulus personal ketone analyst thinks: Narrow cut of personal ketone perch arranged annulus in September give priority to, interval is in 8500-9500 yuan / ton.