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Published on 2018-06-21

One, ” directive opinion ” what is the setting that come on stage?

Backward producing can be serious wasteful resource, serious pollution constitutionally the environment, productivity that does not have off quality of safe production condition, product. Backward produce can abound in, make not only low, competition ability needs level of industry whole technology, and tall, pollution discharges specific power consumption of content bad news big, play havoc with zoology environment, safe production condition is poor, product quality does not have safeguard, leave very big hidden trouble to safety of people life property. Fall into disuse backward producing can be to advance sex of supply side structure to reform serious content, it is to fulfil go producing can important step, it is the urgent need that administers mist haze, also be to promote an industry to optimize the important way that upgrade and enhances international competition ability.

Height of the Party Central Committee, the State Council takes seriously fall into disuse backward produce can work. Xi Jinping’s secretary-general points out, insist to commercialize, law changes a method, use the method such as environmental protection, specific power consumption, quality, safety to produce can. Premier Li Kejiang points out, unqualified to standard of short of of environmental protection, specific power consumption, safe production and production or fall into disuse kind produce can, should depend on lawfully compasses is orderly close stop exit. Conference of central economy job, the State Council is standing the conference also made deploy to this.

Fulfil the Party Central Committee, the State Council to carry out decision-making deploy and central leader comrade are important demonstrative spirit, industry and reform of development of informatization ministry combination appoint wait to fall into disuse 15 times backward produce can work unit of harmonious panel member published department time ” directive opinion ” , with steely, coal, cement, electroanalysis the industry such as aluminous, plate glass attachs most importance to a dot, perfect the Miscellaneous Leaflet system that gives priority to with specific power consumption, environmental protection, quality, safe, technology, strict normalization executes the law to be carried out with mandatory standard, form much standard, much branch, much channel to advance working structure in coordination, build commercialize, law is changed fall into disuse backward produce mechanism of can lasting effect.

2, come on stage this ” directive opinion ” what new characteristic is there?

“925 ” during, industry and informatization ministry jointly with concerned department joint efforts, begin seriously fall into disuse backward produce can work, obtained positive result. 18 of the party 4 in the requirement that plenary meeting raised to depend on law state in the round, fall into disuse backward produce method of can original way of a few works to suit hard. Method of measure of the law in the job, economy is applied not quite sufficient, commercialize, law is changed exit a mechanism diseased; The industry such as steely, coal produces can serious superfluous contradiction to had be notted turn round at all, still need to wash out a batch to lag behind produce can; Of the laws and regulations of short of law such as specific power consumption of a few industries, environmental protection, quality, safety and mandatory standard requirement produce can, earnestly needs to be depended on lawfully compasses give shut fall into disuse.

According to commercialize, the overall demand that law changes, ” directive opinion ” absorbing work before on the foundation of experience and practice, raised relevant work requirement further, core is to fulfil ” 4 laws one policy ” , fulfil managing the sources of energy namely 4 law such as standard of law, quality of law of environmental protection, product, safe production law and ” catalog of guidance of industrial structural adjustment (2011 this) (amend) ” wait for industrial policy to lag behind about falling into disuse produce can regulation. Baconian rise to basically have 5 new characteristics:

It is a method on more outstanding fall into disuse lawfully. Aggrandizement law laws and regulations is restrained, strengthen energy-saving and censorial, environmental protection to execute the law, quality is supervised and safe production is superintended etc execute the law examination. Aggrandizement mandatory standard is carried out, mix to standard of short of of specific power consumption, environmental protection, safe production produce rejected product or fall into disuse kind produce can, depend on lawfully compasses close stop exit.

2 be more outstanding much standard is advanced in coordination on means. Working way from ” 925 ” during basically be standard organization to carry out with dimensions of engineering technology, equipment, change direction to be advanced in coordination with the much standard such as specific power consumption, environmental protection, quality, safe, technology, the tie effect that produces specific power consumption, environmental protection, quality, safe standard morely.