Environmental protection ministry releases 5 contaminant to discharge new standard

Published on 2018-06-21

Learn from environmental protection ministry, fulfil the State Council to carry out ” action of air pollution prevention and cure plans ” and ” action of water pollution prevention and cure plans ” , through making, edit key industry discharges a standard ” force ” industrial transition upgrades, environmental protection ministry was made jointly with total bureau of national qualitative check ” contaminant of shipping engine exhaust is discharged be restricted value and measurement technique (China the first, 2 phase) ” , ” autocycle contaminant is discharged be restricted value and measurement technique (the 4th phase of Chinese) ” , ” light autocycle contaminant is discharged be restricted value.
Standard of science and technology of environmental protection ministry manages director Zou Shoumin expresses, carry out these 5 standards to be able to reduce grain content considerably (oxide of PM) , nitrogen (sulfur of NOx) , 2 oxidation (SO2) pollution, promote industry technology progress and environmental quality improvement effectively.
Zou Shoumin says, our country is the country with more substantial natural resources of shipping of an inland river, shipping carries brings environment to pollute a problem to be highlighted increasingly, especially haven city, Jiang He is coastal city. In view of the urgent situation of our country haven and prevention and cure of shipping air pollution, environmental protection ministry made shipping engine discharge a standard, strengthen shipping contaminant to discharge control, content of fill shipping air pollution discharges standard blank.
New standard applies to the ship that has Chinese boat to book sails in our country water area or work (if inland-water-ways vessel, coaster, Jianghai arrives directly at boat, channel [cross] boat and of all kinds fisher) install used rated net power to be more than 37 kilowatt, new production marine engine, do not apply to ocean-going vessel ship, ocean carries shipping to implement the relevant provision of international convention. Additional, after the requirement that the standard still set to shipping uses fuel and shipping and boat engine carry out overhaul discharge a requirement. After new standard is carried out, the contaminant of shipping engine discharges a level to will be reduced apparently, according to increase boat chance newly every year 10 million kilowatt, life period is 25 years of computation, implement standard of the first phase 3 years, the boat opportunity that creates investment to use is in a NOX will be decreased to make an appointment with 1.4 million tons inside life period completely, PM makes an appointment with 400 thousand tons; If implement standard of the 2nd phase 3 years, install the ship that uses these boat machine in its the will farther NOX that decrease a platoon makes an appointment with 1.15 million tons inside life period, PM makes an appointment with 60 thousand tons. If all inland river, coastal the fuel requirement that reachs fishery vessel ship to be able to accord with this standard to set, pollution reduces an effect more will remarkable.
Zou Shoumin says, growth of output of industry of our country autocycle is rapid, up to by 2015, autocycle retains the quantity amounts to 95.14 million. According to calculating, autocycle contaminant discharge capacity occupied the scale of discharge capacity of countrywide motor vehicle to be 2015: Carbon monoxide (CO) is occupied 12.7% , hydrocarbon (HC) is occupied 13.5% , NOx is occupied 1.6% . Although our country is autocycle produce and use big country, but advanced level still has the integral technology level of autocycle and international apparent difference. To control autocycle pollution effectively, promote progress of relevant industry technology and structure to optimize, environmental protection ministry made autocycle and light motorcycle country 4 standards.
Compare with photograph of active level of the 3rd level, basically edited the content of 5 respects: It is to enlarge standard suitable scope, add derv motor tricycle newly discharge control requirement; 2 it is to add contaminant item newly, increased the control demand of grain content newly to derv motor tricycle; 3 it is contaminant is restricted to be worth add further severe; 4 was to promote further discharge control wear requirement; 5 it is to raise more perfect environmental protection management and technical requirement.
Zou Shoumin points out, since July 1, 2019, all new sales and register the autocycle that register and light autocycle to should satisfy new standard requirement. With the country 4 standards carry out 3 years of estimation, all autocycle of new production is in during this its will compare executive country inside whole service life 3 standards reduce CO to discharge about 6.5 million tons, HC discharges about 2 million tons, NOx discharges about 300 thousand tons.
Zou Shoumin expresses, some closer year come the country encourages development actively to include to mix motivation electric car inside energy-saving with car of new energy resources, and develop ceaselessly and mature as the technology, begin from 2014, the produce and sale of electric car measures our country mixture motivation to rise considerably, and as oil of our country car bad news is mixed those who discharge a standard is ceaseless upgrade, the quantity of produce and sale of this kinds of car will still maintain growth. Assist as a result of what have electric energy, the measurement technique of traditional car cannot the contaminant of electric car discharges accurate judge mixture momentum state, because this needs formulate,special contaminant discharges measurement technique.
New standard is right ” electric car contaminant arranges light-duty mixture power measurement technique ” (edit, stipulated light-duty mixture power is electric the contaminative control requirement of the car and measurement technique, specific contaminant control project, discharge be restricted to be worth carry out light-duty car to discharge a standard the requirement of corresponding phase. ” electric car contaminant arranges light-duty mixture power measurement technique ” apply to a country only the light-duty mixture power of 2 phase is electric car, new standard applies to a country 4, the environmental protection of the car of light-duty mixture motivation of 5 phase runs the country. Of standard of this measurement technique carry out, won’t bring additional car technology to upgrade cost.
Zou Shoumin points out, in recent years our country caustic soda and dimensions of polyvinyl chloride enterprise expand ceaselessly, had become caustic soda and pvc country of the biggest production. This industry not only discharge groovy environment contaminant, still discharge the poisonous and harmful contaminant such as heavy metal, endanger human body health and environmental security. Polyvinyl chloride industry is belonged to ” water Yu convention ” the experience mercuric trade that governs mainly, the industry is annual bad news mercury makes an appointment with 850 tons, 85% what occupy domestic wastage about, 51% what occupy global wastage.
Of new standard make considered home integratedly to the industry is produced and discharge technology of control current situation, production and contaminant to discharge processing technology to expand circumstance and the economy that amount to mark the element such as cost, increased air pollution content to discharge control requirement, adjusted water pollution content to arrange control project, tightened up water pollution content to discharge control requirement, abolished the provision that manages by different levels by sewage whereaboutldirection. After implementing new standard, oxygen demand of chemistry of predicting liquid waste (oxygen demand of 5 days of CODCr) , biochemistry (BOD5) , total mercury and chloric ethylene discharge capacity and carry out active standard photograph to compare, cut down respectively 77% , 67% , 67% with 87% . Discharge capacity of total hydrocarbon of firedamp of content of waste gas grain, chloric ethylene, blame and carry out active standard photograph to compare, cut down respectively 51% , 72% , 58% .