935 railroad develops of the Gansu Province program come on stage

Published on 2018-06-21

Emphasis of ” of equipment of agriculture machinery of intelligence of ” of plan of national emphasis research and development is special 2016 year project is started formally already carry out. Chinese country technology develops a center (“) of center of country of ” of the following abbreviation manages professional orgnaization as the project, height takes what science and technology innovates to concern policy with financial management seriously to carry out fulfil. To strengthen special financial management, near future of rural center plan is organized group by group hold special finance affairs of key of ” of equipment of ” intelligence agriculture machinery to groom meeting, with standard of financing of this aggrandizement project reasonable use, drive a focal point special mission is carried out smoothly.
The first batch of finance affairs groom already can hold at was in Beijing on October 24, 2016, come from related ministry of science and technology department bureau, recommend ferry of unit, officer unit, Beijing two ground project takes the lead assumed the 50 people such as unit and partial task unit and financial expert to attend this second meeting. Rural center Director Gu Jingdui moderates, configuration of resource of ministry of science and technology and vice director of administrative department Wu Xueti are special funds of the supervisory mechanism that carry out, project manages and reasonable administrative relevant policy had a system elaborate and unscramble. The financial expert that center of venture of ministry of science and technology and Beijing Guo Jiarui combine accountant office is used from funds of plan of key research and development, the budget manages and the specific item of the respect such as financial audit undertook a system groom, director of rural center finance affairs introduced case of job of financial management of rural center project, joined conference representing to also undertake communication discussion with respect to financial management of scientific research project. The meeting is unified and requirement, special to clear and special financial management it is financial management train of thought, important to strengthen special and financial assistant to communicate cooperation to have meaning.
What this the conference gets joining meeting representing is extensive approbate become reconciled to judge, obtained better result. According to this conference circumstance, rural center plan expands further groom limits, the finance affairs that organizes in sequel grooms in the meeting, strive for will join conference representing to enclothe to all task unit. The professional orgnaization that regards agricultural domain science and technology as project management, rural center also will continue to fulfil requirement of each financial management seriously, drive a focal point in tandem jointly with relevant parties special and successful carry out.