The State Council is approved turn the opinion that works about deepening economic system to reform a key 2017

Published on 2019-05-11

Via Premier Li Kejiang the autograph is approved, the State Council was approved a few days ago turn the country develops innovation appoint ” the opinion that works about deepening economic system to reform a key 2017 ” (the following abbreviation ” opinion ” ) .

” opinion ” point out, this year is to carry out ” 935 ” of the program important a year, be reform of sex of supply side structure deepen year, want to be below the leader of the Party Central Committee that is core with Comrade Xi Jinping, insist to advance steadily working total fundamental key, expand power with be helpful for adding economy, be helpful for promoting social fairness justice, be helpful for enhancing people to obtain the feeling, reform that is helpful for arousing enthusiasm of broad cadre masses to attach most importance to a dot, deepen economic system reform continuously. Should highlight had caught involve the innovation that starts the whole body, drive reform essence to allow be born, better the outstanding contradiction that resolves economic society progress to be faced with and problem, stimulative economy makes the same score steady healthy progress and social harmony to stabilize. Want to insist to give priority to a line with reform of sex of supply side structure, the method development that uses reform is advanced ” 3 go falling to fill ” , transform continuously governmental function, increase effective system supply continuously, enhance vigor of market main body, exert oneself revitalizes hypostatic economy, be ensured ceaselessly and improve the people’s livelihood.

” opinion ” deploy 35 year economic system reforms 10 domains key task. It is to deepen ” put a canal to take ” reform, drive with detailed list management decrease authority to put power, the after the event in perfect job superintends a system, innovation government configures resource means, deepen continuously cast financing system and price reform. 2 it is to advance a state-owend enterprise deep national endowment reform, advance a state-owend enterprise to reform in the round ” 1+N ” file be born gets effective, deepen state-owned company to mix ownership reform, increase the key industry such as electric power, oil gas to reform strength. 3 it is to strengthen construction of property right protection, drive property right to protect act be born, discriminate correct a batch of societies to reflect case of strong appeal of property right issue, arouse and protect entrepreneur spirit. 4 it is to deepen reform of wealth tax system, accelerate finance responsibility authority and defray responsibility to differentiate reform, deepen reform of budgetary management system, advance battalion to change add wait for taxation system reform. 5 it is to push financial system reform, advance interest rate exchange rate to commercialize reform deep, deepen finance orgnaization, mutiple level capital market and reform of financial superintendency system, perfect contemporary insurance system. 6 it is mechanism of system of unifinication of perfect and urban and rural development, perfect and new-style town changes system mechanism, push reform of sex of structure of agricultural supply side deep, push reform of system of rural collective property right steadily. 7 it is mechanism of system of development of perfect innovation drive, establish mechanism of drive of innovation of sound science and technology, perfect innovation does poineering work system of the policy that prop up. 8 it is to accelerate compose to build open model economic new system, investment of innovation foreign trader runs system, guide invest healthy and orderly development external, compose builds foreign trade to be able to develop new mechanism continuously. 9 it is to advance social system to reform energetically, reform and perfect system of primary endowment insurance, advance sanitation of education, medicine to reform deep, accelerate compose to build contemporary and common culture to serve a system, deepen institution and organism reform. 10 it is to deepen reform of zoology civilization system, perfect system of region of main body function, deepen zoology civilization construction is pilot set an example, perfect system of zoology environmental protection.

” opinion ” requirement, want to perfect those who cross a branch to coordinate a mechanism as a whole, bring place and basic level into play adequately to promote the initiative initiative of reform, strengthen already published reform program to supervise and urge fulfil, strengthen pair of assessment that reform executive effect, strengthen reform pilot experience sums up promotion, strengthen reform to abstract innovation theoretically, ensure reform act is fulfilled reach the designated position, obtain actual effect.