Environmental protection ministry is discussed and the principle is passed 935 program of work of prevention and cure of pollution of volatile organic matter

Published on 2018-06-21

Recently, li Ganjie of minister of environmental protection ministry chairs condition of call together open loop to protect a standing conference in Beijing, discuss and the principle is passed ” ” 935 ” program of work of prevention and cure of pollution of volatile organic matter ” , listen to law of environmental protection carried out year of working progress circumstance and tax law of next working plans, environmental protection to carry out report of preparative work case 2017.

The conference thinks, to improve ambient air quality further, hit good blue sky to guard battle, must strengthen volatile organic matter in the round (VOCs) pollution prevention and cure works. Want to know VOCs adequately to pollute importance of prevention and cure.

” ” 935 ” program of work of prevention and cure of pollution of volatile organic matter ” roughly content is as follows:

Volatile organic matter (VOCs) is to point to share air the organic compound of actinic reaction, include to be not methane hydrocarbon kind, contain oxygen organic matter, contain nitrogen organic matter, contain sulfur organic matter, it is to form ozone and other people of the body before what fine grained content pollutes is important. Work to strengthen VOCs to pollute prevention and cure in the round, enhance scientific sex of management, specific aim and effectiveness, quality of stimulative ambient air is improved continuously, make this plan especially.

One, the current situation and situation

(1)VOCs discharges compound to atmosphere pollution to have main effect

Current, the air that our country is diagnostic contaminant with PM2.5 and O3 is compound contaminative situation is grim. VOCs is other people of the body before those who cause O3 pollution is important, in the meantime, generate to 2 PM2.5 also have main effect.

The data that monitor makes clear, 2013-2016 year, chroma of the first batch of 74 cities O3 that implement standard of quality of new ambient air (day is the biggest 8 hours of average concentration 100 minutes of the 90th digit) ascendant 10.8%;2016 year in 338 ground level and above city, the urban O3 chroma of 17.5% exceeds the key area such as look forward to of ferry of Beijing of; of national secondary standard, long triangle O3 chroma was respectively 2016 172 with 159 microgramme / stere, exceed or already was close to national secondary standard. Outside removing key section, the Shandong, Henan, and other places that become change also presents aggravating state.

VOCs changes organic gas collosol 2 times when generate (the important constituent that SOA) is PM2.5. Consider to make clear, in constituent of PM2.5 of area of our country the eastpart part organic gas collosol (OA) place occupies scale to amount to 20% above, among them SOA occupies OA scale to be able to be amounted to 50% the left and right sides. VOCs is discharged still can bring about atmosphere oxidisability to increase, those who promote PM2.5 2 times generate.

In addition, partial VOCs has noxiousness, meeting generation of VOCs of part of; of direct to generation of health of local dweller human body or indirect effect is effluvial, cause certain effect to producing environment and local dweller life.

(Discharge capacity of VOCs of 2) our country big, origin is complex

” action of air pollution prevention and cure plans ” since carrying out, oxide of 2 oxidation sulfur of countrywide, nitrogen (dust of NOx) , smoke discharges control to obtain apparent progress, but VOCs discharge capacity still shows growth trend, increasingly outstanding to atmosphere environment influence.

Discharge in factitious source VOCs in forming, industrial source, traffic source, life source, agriculture source is occupied respectively 43% , 28% , 15% , 14% , origin is extensive, involve economic society to develop each fields. In industrial source, besmear of petrifaction, chemical industry, industry is installed and pack pressworking is main arrange a trade, in the cause of traffic of 70% or so; that takes discharge capacity, 90% above come from discharge capacity to be discharged at motor vehicle taste with oil store process of transportation and sale. From discharge a way to look, the use that contains VOCs product and consumptive process discharge capacity are larger, occupy the 30% above of discharge capacity of factitious source VOCs.

(3) strengthens VOCs to pollute prevention and cure to have certain base in the round

In recent years, our country strengthens the basic research such as VOCs origin, influence and control technology, preliminary build area and partial industry to discharge detailed list, clarify basically key area VOCs shares air the mechanism of actinic reaction, research and development lays in a batch of VOCs to pollute control technology. Concerned branch publishs series to discharge standard and policy measure, release library of executive oil refine, petro-chemical, oil storage, benzine to carry, the air pollution content such as gas station discharges a standard, program of integrated repair of VOCs of industry of petrifaction of print and distribute. In petro-chemical and pack presswork the industry is pilot collect VOCs blowdown fee, leave to coating impose consumption tax. Area of a few keys strengthens construction of capability of VOCs government base, the eastpart part such as Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang is saved (city) the organization begins VOCs to discharge try to find out the real intention to investigate and monitor the work, nearly 10 province are preliminary build this locality VOCs to discharge detailed list, publish chemical industry, pharmacy, car to make, presswork, the industry place such as furniture discharges a standard. Of these jobs begin for ” 935 ” advance VOCs to polluted prevention and cure to lay certain foundation deep.

2, overall demand

(1) guiding ideology