Print and distribute of the State Council accelerate development rehabilitation assistor to have an industry a certain number of opinions

Published on 2018-06-21

Autograph of electric classics Premier Li Kejiang will approve Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on October 27, the State Council a few days ago print and distribute ” a certain number of opinions that have an industry about accelerating development rehabilitation assistor ” , make comprehensive deploy to the development that rehabilitation of our country of a period will assist implemental industry henceforth.
” opinion ” point out, development rehabilitation assistor provides an industry to want to hold to ” market dominant, government guiding, own innovation, open collaboration, the issue is oriented, outstanding key, making overall plans and take all factors into consideration, harmonious development ” basic principle, to 2020, industrial dimensions breaks through 700 billion yuan, the industrial situation with all ready of reasonable, class, rich product forms overall arrangement basically, a batch of famous and own brands mix emerge in large numbers advantage industry group, high-end market is had in rate is remarkable rise.
Hurt a patient around support of the people of old people, deformity the demand of mutiple level, diversification, ” opinion ” the main job that offerred 4 respects. It is to enhance own innovation ability. Drive starts new talented person, build innovation platform, stimulative achievement is changed, raise rehabilitation assistor to have capacity of industrial key link and main field innovation. 2 it is to promote an industry to optimize upgrade. Optimize industrial space distribution, promote production system to upgrade, expand productivity service energetically, raise international collaboration level, drive rehabilitation assistor to provide industrial Xiang Zhonggao to carry stride. 3 it is to enlarge market available supply. Breed market main body, rich product furnishs, enhance service ability, strengthen quality management, make ” China is made ” brand. 4 it is to build good market environment. Perfect code policy system, play standard is oriented action, uphold good market order, equality protects main body of of all kinds market to close right increase.
To ensure implementation holds the post of Wu target, ” opinion ” the policy that emphasized 5 aspects supports measure. It is to fulfil taxation price privilege, the rehabilitation assistor that includes to accord with a condition provides charge of business research and development to add plan deduct and fixed assets quickens sex of depreciation, commonweal to donate defray income tax deduct before duty wait for policy. 2 it is service of aggrandizement business banking, through financing pilot, guide the stimulative industry innovation such as development of product of fund support, banking. 3 it is to strengthen finance capital to guide, rehabilitation auxiliary and implemental industry is brought into numerous achieve, numerous bag, numerous help up, numerous chip wait for relevant finance and burgeoning estate investment to support limits, the high end that accords with a condition rehabilitation assistor provides a product to bring into a stage (set) great technology equipment is sure to compensate pilot limits. 4 it is measure of perfect consumption support, encourage the remedial sex rehabilitation with conditional will basic place to assist appliance to bring into medical treatment to be sure to pay limits stage by stage, the disabled, heavy to urban and rural poverty degree of disabled is basic model rehabilitation assistor provides configuration to offer subsidy. 5 it is to strengthen talent team to build, rehabilitation auxiliary and implemental knowledge is brought into relevant major is taught and continue to teach limits, strengthen a talent to foster base to build, perfect classify from profession of personnel of course of study.
” opinion ” requirement, want to strengthen constituent leader, the department time that builds civil administration ministry to take the lead joint meeting system, advance rehabilitation assistor to provide an industry to develop as a whole; Advance integrated innovation pilot, make platform of innovation of area of garden of a batch of famous industries, forward position and well-known company brand, to accelerate rehabilitation assistor to have an industry development provides experience; System of perfect trade statistic, build statistical quota system, perfect information collects a mechanism.