The State Council is revised regulation of construction project environmental protection

Published on 2019-05-11

Handle website information according to legal system of the State Council, ” the State Council about revising decision ” released a few days ago. Legal system of the State Council does, chief of environmental protection department answers with respect to concerned problem the reporter asks. Chief introduction, ” decision ” in simplify examine and approve item, while the after the event in enhancing a responsibility is superintended, pay attention to in the respect such as charge collection and amerce join, increase on one hand violate compasses behavior to punish strength to breaking the law, relieve a company as far as possible on the other hand unreasonable burden, drive governmental change to manage means and service company, convenience masses.
Chief expresses, revise ” regulation of construction project environmental protection ” (the following abbreviation ” byelaw ” ) , it is the deepens reform to be badly in need of in the round project that work of legislation of the State Council plans to decide. Reform requirement and evaluation technique of influence of new castigatory environment according to the State Council, need is right ” byelaw ” relevant content undertakes modification.
In simplify construction project environmental protection examines and approve item respect, ” decision ” basically made the following provision: It is the aptitude government regulation that deletes pair of annulus to judge an unit; 2 be affect the environment registration form by examine and approve make instead put on record make; 3 it is the newspaper that affects the environment watch of transaction, report approve time to be studied by feasibility level is adjusted before be being built for start working, “Series connection changes paralell connection ” , specific newspaper approves time to be mastered neatly according to oneself circumstance by construction unit; 4 it is to cancel an industry to be in charge of what the environmental influence such as prejudication of sectional prejudication, plan of water and soil conservation evaluates before buy is examined and approve; 5 it is the environment impact assessment is mixed the industrial and commercial unhook that register, fulfil ” card illuminates depart ” requirement; 6 it is to cancel to build project trial production to examine and approve, delete ” byelaw ” the regulation about trial production; 7 it is to abolish environmental protection department acceptable to building complete of establishment of project environmental protection examine and approve, instead builds regulation of unit according to to be checked and accept independently.
After cancelling to examine and approve item about administration, the after the event in should take seriously and enhancing a responsibility is superintended, environmental protection works to just can ask according to law, comply with people desire, accord with a country to build overall situation. ” decision ” basically made the following provision:
It is to build a project to must undertake annulus is judged strictly lawfully, annulus judges what after the file was not examined via examining and approve a branch lawfully or be being examined, did not grant to approve, do not get start working construction.
2 it is to make clear the particular case that does not grant to approve annulus to review a file, the step of contaminative prevention and cure that takes to building a project cannot ensure amount to mark to discharge wait for case, uniform must not approve its annulus to review a file.
3 it is the aggrandizement design, construction, superintendency in checking and accept a process, construction unit should be carried out strictly ” 3 at the same time ” system, implement measure of environmental protection countermeasure, do not get practise fraud, after be being begun lawfully, evaluate, environmental protection branch should strengthen supervisory examination.
4 it is strict law responsibility, to approving what build first, can manage total investment 1% to the amerce of 5% , instruct restorable, to be in complete is checked and accept in of practise fraud, can be in 2 million yuan of the following amerce, punish responsibility personnel even at the same time.
5 it is to introduce a society to supervise, establish credit chasten mechanism, construction unit weaves annulus judges a file to want to seek public opinion lawfully, complete checks and accept a circumstance to want to be made public to the society lawfully, environmental protection branch should remember concerned environment illegal news the society sincere letter archives, make public in time to the society.
” decision ” in simplify examine and approve item, while the after the event in enhancing a responsibility is superintended, pay attention to in the respect such as charge collection and amerce join, increase the castigatory strength that violates compasses act to breaking the law on one hand, reduce the burden with unreasonable enterprise as far as possible on the other hand, drive governmental change to manage means and service company, convenience masses: It is environmental protection division system directory of management of classification of assessment of impact of environment of calm construction project ought to organize an expert to prove, ask for concerned branch, guild, enterprise or business unit and public opinion; 2 it is environmental protection branch examines and approve annulus to judge a file to be able to entrust technical unit to undertake the technology is evaluated, what require cost by finance burden, examine and approve, put on record annulus is judged file and undertake relevant technology is evaluated, all must not mix to the enterprise masses collection any charge, will judge service unit aptitude to manage the innovation of the system as annulus henceforth, company load still can be reduced further; 3 it is the electron that environmental protection branch wants to push government administration is changed, informatization, begin an environment to affect an evaluation examine and approve on file net, put on record to be made public with information, make masses little run as far as possible road.