earth 10 36 ask

Published on 2018-06-21

The State Council on May 31 print and distribute ” action of soil contamination prevention and cure plans ” (the following abbreviation ” earth 10 ” ) , right prevention and cure of soil contamination of our country of a period will work henceforth made overall strategy deploy. Understand for full-scale development ” earth 10 ” the setting that come on stage, meaning and ” earth 10 ” main content, environmental protection ministry unscrambles pertinent question about chief authority.

1, ” earth 10 ” come on stage what background is there?

In recent years, various places, departmental door takes step actively, in soil contamination respect of prevention and cure has exploration and practice, obtain certain result. But because our country economy grows way overall extensive, industrial structure and layout still endless and reasonable, contaminant discharges gross taller, what soil serves as major contaminant is final accept put oneself in another’s position, its environment quality is affected significantly. Current, environment of our country soil is overall state can care, partial area pollution is relatively serious, already became what build comparatively well-off society in the round is outstanding short board one of, the State Council of the Party Central Committee takes this height seriously. Xi Jinping’s secretary-general, Premier Li Kejiang makes important written instructions indicate for many times, the requirement is cogent strengthen job of soil contamination prevention and cure. Make carry out ” earth 10 ” it is the Party Central Committee, the State Council advances zoology civilization to build, weigh big move to a when pollute declare war stoutly, it is the main strategy disposition that the system develops pollution to administer, safe to ensuring zoology environment quality gets improvement, of all kinds and natural ecosystem stability has positive effect.

2, compare with water system and air pollution photograph, what characteristic does soil contamination have?

It is soil contamination is had concealment gender and lag sex. Air pollution and water pollution are compared commonly intuitionistic, pass a sense organ to be able to be aware of. And soil contamination often should pass edaphic sample analysis, crop to detect, even the influence of person cultivate health studies ability is affirmatory. Soil contamination is endangered to discovery from generation time is normally longer.

2 it is soil contamination is had accumulate a gender. Compare with atmosphere and water system appearance, contaminant is more difficult in soil migratory, diffuse and attenuant. Accordingly, contaminant is accumulated easily ceaselessly in soil.

3 it is soil contamination has inhomogenous sex. Because edaphic property difference is bigger, and contaminant is migratory in soil slow, the contaminant in bringing about soil distributings inhomogenous, dimensional variability is bigger.

4 it is soil contamination has difficult reversibility. As a result of heavy metal hard degradation, bringing about heavy metal basically is to edaphic pollution cannot the process of complete changeover. Additional, a lot of organic contaminant in soil also need longer ability degradation.

5 it is soil contamination processing has arduous sex. Once soil contamination happens, only support cuts off the square law that pollutes a source to restore very hard. Overall for, the cost that administers soil contamination is tall, periodic long, difficulty is great.

3, what should soil contamination owner have?

The contaminant origin in soil is wide, phyletic much, can divide commonly for inorganic contaminant and organic contaminant. Inorganic contaminant is given priority to with heavy metal, be like cadmium, mercuric, arsenic, lead, chromic, copper, zinc, nickel, parcel area still has manganese, cobaltic, Selenium, vanadium, antimonial, thallic, molybdenum to wait. Organic contaminant sort is various, include the volatile organic contaminant such as benzene, toluene, xylene, ethylbenzene, 3 chloric ethylene, and benzene of much much annulus aromatic hydrocarbon, more chloric couplet, organic pesticide kind wait for half volatile organic contaminant.

4, what effect does soil contamination have to groundwater?

Groundwater pollution is to because factitious activity creates the appearance with subterranean exasperate water quality,point to. Soil contamination is a when shallow-layer groundwater pollutes main source, a few contaminant in soil are easy leaching or the water that follow ooze enters groundwater, accumulate over a long period causes shallow-layer groundwater water quality to become poor, cause pollution finally.

5, what is the main reason that causes our country soil contamination?

The soil contamination of our country is long-term in process of economic society development accumulate form, main reason includes:

It is an industrial and mining enterprises the waste gas that in manufacturing management activity, discharges, liquid waste, waste residue is the main reason that causes its periphery soil contamination. The scrap heap of of all kinds solid such as gangue broken bits, dangerous trash is put etc, cause its periphery soil contamination. Car tail gas is discharged bring about main road the heavy metal such as lead of two side soil, zinc and pollution of much annulus aromatic hydrocarbon.