heavy metal water quality is online analyzer calibration standard formal approval is carried out

Published on 2018-06-21

Save metric and scientific academy according to Zhejiang (the following abbreviation ” Zhejiang saves metric courtyard ” ) message, the JJF1565-1016 that sought an opinion publicly 2014 ” heavy metal water quality is online analyzer calibration standard ” , recently, be approved formally to carry out by total bureau of national qualitative check. Among them, zhejiang saves metric courtyard, Heilongjiang to save metric calibrating to check courtyard and Hunan Province metric and metric detect the academy serves as the main unit that draft, with attend the Chinese plan that draft to measure science and technology of He Juguang of test technology academy (Hangzhou) Inc. together, completed this work jointly.
What value level to environmental protection job as our country is ceaseless strengthen, the prevention and cure that heavy metal pollutes and detect also be paid close attention to by more and more person place. It is reported, release in environmental protection ministry ” heavy metal pollution prevents and cure integratedly ” 925 ” program ” in, sewage discharges content of the heavy metal in be being monitored with surface water to include already among them. Examining numerously in testing instrument appearance, water quality heavy metal is online analyzer is monitored as water quality ” expert ” , can measure the heavy metal such as the copper with a heavy water quality, zinc, mercury. Its monitoring data can react directly water pollution degree, to people the life and environmental protection have important sense.   

Our country regards population as numerous developing country, having market of huge instrument appearance. Online analyzer serves as heavy metal water quality among them a kind, be like,homebred appearance is more like emerge in succession emerge in large numbers, instrument appearance technology is able to brave the wind and waves, develop quickly. Have to ensure metric branch water quality monitors each district according to can be being depended on, release uniform metric standard to become particularly important.    

Below this kind of circumstance, ” heavy metal water quality is online analyzer calibration standard ” of the standard carry out, will monitor an analysis to provide a basis to our country water quality, also have actively effect to the environmental protection job of our country meanwhile.