In Europe expert delibrate one belt all the way new opportunity

Published on 2018-06-21

“One belt all the way ” initiate how genetic, what new opportunity will bring again? Numerous in Europe expert business school of work of international of 13 days of Europe in assembling in Munich of German south city to attend forum of the 3rd Europe, focusing ” one belt all the way ” the cooperative new opportunity that the Europe in be being initiated brings in investment field.
The forum that day attracted nearly 300 Europe and Chinese company high level to participate in, the honored guest includes Pu Luodi of · of Nuo of Rome of former chairman of Italian ex-premier, European Union, ginger builds former president of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China clear, europe international is versed in business school assistant dean holds dean Ding Yuan concurrently in, german China chamber of commerce represents Duan Wei to wait.
When Pu Luodi does opening theme to make a speech for this forum, point out, germany is in Europe in the domain such as chemical, agriculture, food the first of all, and China precedes in whole world of manufacturing industry respect, two countries has the place of a lot of likeness in technology, education and commerce respect, accordingly, he is right in heart two countries is a lot of domain future collaboration is confident.
Pu Luodi expresses, some closer the development strategy of year of China turns to innovation from follow the lead of, had become the person above average of innovation in domain of science and technology especially. Below this kind of situation, china increases the development of industry of high additional cost gradually in the domain such as manufacturing industry. A lot of big companies of Chinese move toward the whole world, chinese investment emerges ceaselessly outside Xiang Hai.
He points out at the same time, face the investment of Chinese enterprise, europe needs to have more open attitude, make mutual beneficial invest policy. Be in ” one belt all the way ” below the proposal, marine also become more important, in can a lot of countries participate in his. He appeals concerned respect publishs corresponding policy, can join smoothly between the Ou Zhi in safeguard, promote bilateral farther confluence.
Ding Yuan was shared with attendant honored guest in thematic speech ” one belt all the way ” the origin of the proposal and good luck. He says, “One belt all the way ” the proposal is not the thing that appears suddenly, however the continuance of a kind of history. “One belt all the way ” the proposal will help the economic development that uses zone of along the line, integrated developed country and developing country resource, each will be benefited from inside more favourable carriage cost and standard service. “One belt all the way ” construction is OK Jie Suodong South Asia, South Asia and in inferior, market of middle east Europe and Africa, the flow of stimulative commerce, capital and goods, bring brand-new commercial opportunity.
Munich and on Si Tefan of vice-chairman of Bavarian labor chamber of commerce accept of Ni · Shi Ping – Kenixi expresses, munich and go up the trade dealings that Bavarian labor chamber of commerce devotes oneself to to support Bavarian city and China all the time, “One belt all the way ” construction is the good chance that improves Asia-Europe infrastructure, be helpful for promoting commerce and investment, with the Asia the enterprise deepens cooperative relation on the foundation that Bavarian enterprise hopes in genuine cooperation, mutual benefit win-win reachs fair competition.
The forum that day still held two themes to be respectively ” in heart investment: How to make cooperative win-win structure? ” and ” when ‘ Internet + ‘ meet ‘ industry 4 ‘ ” round-table panel discussion, honored guest attending the meeting combines particular case and spot audience to interact shared experience.
The internationalization business school that Europe international is versed in the business school is the Asian tip that Chinese government and European Union collaboration establish in, the communication platform of dealings of trade of the classics between enterprise of the Europe in aiding force to build, the commercial opportunity in growing to European enterprise discovers and take Chinese economy offers new thinking.
Europe international is versed in forum of the 3rd Europe walks into the business school in German Munich, job of the state-owend enterprise in aiming to be driven further is right heart investment, the confluence that pushs two countries industry and complementary. Current forum still will part to be held in polish Warsaw and world of Swiss Su Li on October 18 at was being mixed on September 15.