Smelting furnace of carborundum of whole sealing movable type kiln technology international is banner

Published on 2018-06-21

A few days ago, chinese machinery Joint Industry Conference is chaired in Beijing hold limited company of carborundum of gallinaceous Dong Baoxin of own research and development ” smelting furnace of carborundum of whole sealing movable type kiln technology and application ” appraisal of achievement of science and technology is met. Expert appraisal thinks, this technology is gentle to raising water of craft of smelt of our country carborundum equipment standard has important sense, technical level is in international to precede.
Carborundum reachs the domain such as metallurgy raw material to have wide application in advanced and functional pottery and porcelain, fireproof material, abrasive. Artificial smelt carborundum already had history of 100 one’s remaining years, long-term since, heat vital energy reclaims difficult problem perplexes manufacturer home all the time. Become social consensus as energy-saving environmental protection, when the smelt method with primitive carborundum cannot have suited, era expands a demand.
As we have learned, “Smelting furnace of carborundum of whole sealing movable type kiln technology and application ” project implementation carborundum closes smelt, through reclaiming heat vital energy sends to power station acting to generate electricity reduce carborundum to produce cost, the platoon outside solving vital energy of the heat in primitive smelt process to ignite not not environmental protection, energy-saving, big to be being endangered from personnel of course of study wait for difficult problem. In addition, in this technology, use nitrogen displacement to close the oxygen inside the space, monitor furnace to enrage at any time through all sorts of appearance from generation, carry, combustion whole process, ensure the security of each link, formed unique technical system, suit industrialized serial production.
Expert appraisal points out, reclaim through movable type tail gas device reclaims the carbon monoxide in smelt process can burn gas, use at generating electricity, reduced carborundum to produce specific power consumption and cost significantly, improved manufacturing environment greatly, achieved the goal of energy-saving environmental protection, reclaim in movable type of the sealed, device of device, device accuse oneself, explosion proof, safety and versatility respect realized technical innovation, ensured tail gas reclaims the safety of the process moves.
It is reported, this technology not only can smelt green carborundum, black carborundum, still can undertake the smelt with graphitization anxious oil. Carry out through relapsing, the green carborundum purity that production gives achieves 98.5% above, one class tastes black carborundum achieve 97.5% above, accord with national relative standard.