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Chemical Machinery

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Published on 2019-12-17

Over four decades DEX have accumulated a vast experience in the design and production of mechanical devices, producing well-received customized cams, automatic tool changers, and intermittent indexing drives for automation applications. Source: DEX ATC SYSTEM TOOL HOLDER


Published on 2019-12-17

GEORDING MACHINERY is the manufacturer of plastic recycling and pelletizing machine in Taiwan. Pursuing innovation and excellence, we specialize in plastic crushing, washing and drying line, turnkey plant for recycling plastic, rubber and plastic pelletizing, special composite materials pelletizing, color master-batch, sheet extrusion of PE, PP, and PVC, RDF-5 plastic pelletizing and customized equipment and components. Source : sheet making machine plastic granulator plastic washing machine pla

EMO Hannover 2019

Published on 2019-08-28

Taiwan's machine tool industry is the fourth largest exporter in the world. We create a unique industrial value chain through the clustered professional division of labor and the combination of IOT technology.

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