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Canada turns over reexamine of dumping case sunset to seek each opinion

Court of Canadian international trade (CITT) will decide to whether be opposite on October 3, 2017 the carbolic stencil steel that originates in China formerly (Hot-Rolled Carbon Steel) turns over dumping measure to launch sunset reexamine investigation, each are terrible the related side can be in forward on August 30, 2017 CITT is handed over participate in review application, the official comment opinion that refer support before September 8 or objects initiating sunset reexamine to investiga

Published on 2018-06-21
  • Company of industry of Korea Venus bolt is obtained pick the companiona

    On May 29, (of company of Venus bolt industry? ? ? ? ? ? ) be chosen to be of associate company all right by BNK Qing Nayin. Head of a department of Qing Nayin travel already headed for company of Venus bolt industry to cause the attestation that gives muching companion the company and a horizontal inscribed board. The minister expresses: There already was agelong cooperative concern with Venus bolt before us, pass through the attestation of this muching partner business, be expected again power

  • Association of European fastener jobber publishs industry of current fa

    Association of European fastener jobber publishs the name consolidates for future case report, be as long as the industry of European fastener distribute that the report development of 16 pages analyses 21 centuries. Association director Dr. Volker Lederer expresses: the purpose of this file is to let personnel of European politics personage, government organization and Moses supply the complexity of catenary to have more thorough knowledge to nowadays fastener. He says: Association lasts on a l

The trend analysis of mechanical fasteners industry development in our

Machinery industry is a major one of the users of fasteners.Our country is mechanical fasteners production country, the existing mechanical fasteners domestic enterprises more than 7000.Mechanical fasteners production in our country has for many years the worlds first, but for the most part the current domestic production of mechanical fasteners products for low intensity, low class.International mold and metal plastic industry suppliers association secretary general luo hui pointed out, the hig

Published on 2018-08-15

Machinery industry development of fastener products will be put forward

Customs statistics, 1 November 2011, import and export of mechanical industry $574.557 billion, up 24.09% from a year earlier.Among them, the imported 283.023 billion us dollars, up 23.34%;Exports of $291.534 billion, up 24.83%;Import and export trade surplus of $8.511 billion.At present, the engineering machinery sales and sales have both surpass the United States, Japan, Germany, the worlds first;From its self-sufficiency rate of China construction machinery 15 During the period of 70%, up to

Published on 2018-08-15

Internet + machine substitution into fasteners enterprise transformatio

Yesterday, the mechanical and electrical products import and export chamber of commerce of China, jiaxing city peoples government hosted, business bureau of jiaxing city, zhejiang province, jiaxing fastener fastener industry association to undertake import and export enterprises association of China (jiaxing) fastener industry expo 2015 (hereinafter referred to as tight expo) held in jiaxing international conference and exhibition center.It is understood that China (jiaxing) fastener industry ex

Published on 2018-08-15

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Environmental protection ministry releases 5 contaminant to discharge new standard

Learn from environmental protection ministry, fulfil the State Council to carry out action of air pollution prevention and cure plans and action of water pollution prevention and cure plans , through making, edit key industry discharges a standard force industrial transition upgrades, environmental protection ministry was made jointly with total bureau of national qualitative check contaminant of shipping engine exhaust is discharged be restricted value and measurement technique (China the first

Published on 2018-06-21
  • The State Council is revised regulation of construction project environ

    Handle website information according to legal system of the State Council, the State Council about revising decision released a few days ago. Legal system of the State Council does, chief of environmental protection department answers with respect to concerned problem the reporter asks. Chief introduction, decision in simplify examine and approve item, while the after the event in enhancing a responsibility is superintended, pay attention to in the respect such as charge collection and amerce jo

  • Thai cosette with innovative design of indexable type gun dr

    Thai cosette with innovative design of indexable type gun drill CIMT2017 body { width:10

  • General office of qualitative check total bureau about carrying out use

    Supervisory bureau of technology of quality of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government (the market supervises management department) : use management of special type equipment is regular (the following abbreviation use management is regular ) will apply at rising on August 1, 2017. To ensure use management is regular the standard is carried out effectively, inform as follows with respect to concerned problem now. One, register about using (one) the special


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