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  • The United States is right flange of experience China stainless steel i

    On September 6, 2017, should American flange produces business alliance (Coalition Of American Flange Producers) and Core Pipe Products of its member company, inc. With the application that Maass Flange Corporation submitted on August 16, 2017, american Department of Commerce announces to be mixed formally from China to the entrance stainless steel flange of India (Stainless Steel Flanges) is started instead dumping and turn over investigation of allowance put on record. This case involves the U

  • Eighth International Fastener Fair Russia on May 24 opened in Moscow

    Eighth International Fastener Fair Russia on May 24 opened in Moscow Russia Local time at 10:00 on May 24, four-day Russia Fastener Fair (FASTTEC-2010) in Moscow Crocus Expo exhibition center opened. About 100 companies showcase their products and services in the exhibition hall. Which has more than twenty fastener manufacturers from China: Zhapu Industrial, Ningbo Ning forces Jing Hengfeng, Xinxing, Cixi Dashen, Zhongshan gold, Yu Haiyan, Sichuan teeth can be called, Handan Hengfa, Jiashan Zhon


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HIT novel anaerobic reactor to international standards

HIT novel anaerobic reactor to international standards Recently learned. Chaired by Professor Municipal Environmental Institute Han Hongjun Harbin Institute of Technology completed Heilongjiang Province scientific and technological projects Development and Application of circulating high rate anaerobic reactor, recently passed the Heilongjiang Provincial Science and Technology chaired appraisal. Appraisal committee said. The achievements at home and abroad first swirl water distribution apparatu

Published on 2018-06-21
  • 3D prints data familial enlarge member the alloy that new method handle

    England natural the magazine publishs science of a material 20 days newest breakthrough achievement: American scientist research and development gives a kind of 3D to print the new method of high strenth aluminium alloy. At present great majority uses the alloy that adds material to make means develop to be able to appear periodic crackle, but new the alloy that come out not only did not appear crackle trace, and intensity can makes material than forge. This method returns what can be used at ot

  • Open Day focusing new generation Haas ST Series CNC lathes

    Open Day focusing new generation Haas ST Series CNC lathes China Business Network] [Machine Introdu

  • Print and distribute of the State Council 935 control greenhouse gas ar

    Via Premier Li Kejiang the autograph is approved, the State Council a few days ago print and distribute 935 control greenhouse gas arranges working program (the following abbreviation plan ) , right 935 period answers climate change, advance low carbon to develop the job to make comprehensive deploy. plan point out, should plan as a whole domestic international two overall situation, comply with green low carbon to develop international tide, the major strategy that develops low carbon developme


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