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Because chassis bolt issue is beautiful in car of Australian recall par

Because chassis bolt issue is beautiful in car of Australian recall part Model of this second recall car is beautiful P308(T9) . Blemish reason is beautiful P308(T9) car before the norms that transverse arm bolt may not accord with a regulation, burst of bolt of the transverse arm before may be being brought about. The consequence that its cause is, the likelihood brings about car wheel to tilt to turn to control ability to reduce at the same time, the person that increased driver and other way

Published on 2019-05-11
  • The United States investigates dumping of steel wire material

    Whether do the carbolic steel that American Department of Commerce is investigating certain state to import and material of alloy steel wire have

  • Clean first half of the year sale amounts to Swedish Bulten2017 1.486 b

    The 2nd Ji Jing sale of Swedish Bulten company amounts to 708 million luck bright, than last year the corresponding period increases 3.0% . Battalion carry profit (EBIT) is 5, 7 million luck bright, be equal the battalion carry of 7.9% gains profit. The profit after duty is 3, 9 million luck bright. Order total accumulative total 765 million luck bright, than last year the corresponding period increases 13.9% . The cash that comes from battalion carry activity flows for 3, 7 million luck bright.

  • Recall of Ford North America 117 thousand cars change bolt of hidden tr

    Reported on July 26 according to American media, ford company announces, 117 thousand cars will be restricted in recall of North America area, the reason is these car match some seat bolt not firm, cause safe hidden trouble easily. It is reported, this the model of recall includes Ford tiger of ala of money of 2014 F-150 and E series, 2014-2015 and 2015 Lincoln MKC. Back of a chair of the seat of afore-mentioned models, seat, safety belt and safety belt are buckled used hidden trouble bolt possi

The trend analysis of mechanical fasteners industry development in our

Machinery industry is a major one of the users of fasteners.Our country is mechanical fasteners production country, the existing mechanical fasteners domestic enterprises more than 7000.Mechanical fasteners production in our country has for many years the worlds first, but for the most part the current domestic production of mechanical fasteners products for low intensity, low class.International mold and metal plastic industry suppliers association secretary general luo hui pointed out, the hig

Published on 2019-05-11

Machinery industry development of fastener products will be put forward

Customs statistics, 1 November 2011, import and export of mechanical industry $574.557 billion, up 24.09% from a year earlier.Among them, the imported 283.023 billion us dollars, up 23.34%;Exports of $291.534 billion, up 24.83%;Import and export trade surplus of $8.511 billion.At present, the engineering machinery sales and sales have both surpass the United States, Japan, Germany, the worlds first;From its self-sufficiency rate of China construction machinery 15 During the period of 70%, up to

Published on 2019-05-11

Internet + machine substitution into fasteners enterprise transformatio

Yesterday, the mechanical and electrical products import and export chamber of commerce of China, jiaxing city peoples government hosted, business bureau of jiaxing city, zhejiang province, jiaxing fastener fastener industry association to undertake import and export enterprises association of China (jiaxing) fastener industry expo 2015 (hereinafter referred to as tight expo) held in jiaxing international conference and exhibition center.It is understood that China (jiaxing) fastener industry ex

Published on 2019-05-11

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Many device jockey personal ketone take advantage of an opportunity turns overhaul ring go up

One, the market goes situation Show according to monitoring data, end on August 31, personal ketone price is domestic annulus 9340 yuan / ton, relatively rose in price on August 1 2.64% . In August annulus the raise after value of personal ketone market ors first, go up be more than drop. 2, prices analysis Product: At the beginning of this month in and month out, value of personal ketone market shows domestic annulus to move smoothly. Begin from August 7, supply of merchandise on hand of person

Published on 2019-05-11
  • Henan publishs green environmental protection to attemper the system st

    Carry out green environmental protection actively to transform to urge a company, reduce contaminant to discharge, improve atmosphere environment quality, henan province government published green environmental protection to attemper a few days ago system, in environmental protection the canal accuses to be carried out to industrial business stop when be restricted to produce measure, slam the door one knife is cut , instead difference is treated. According to already asked related some, industr

  • Environmental protection ministry releases 5 contaminant to discharge n

    Learn from environmental protection ministry, fulfil the State Council to carry out action of air pollution prevention and cure plans and action of water pollution prevention and cure plans , through making, edit key industry discharges a standard force industrial transition upgrades, environmental protection ministry was made jointly with total bureau of national qualitative check contaminant of shipping engine exhaust is discharged be restricted value and measurement technique (China the first

  • 935 the country is strategical burgeoning industry develops a program

    Strategical burgeoning industry delegate is new the direction that revolution of round of science and technology and industry change, it is to breed the development new kinetic energy, crucial field that gets prospective competition new dominant position. 935 period, should strategical burgeoning industry is placed in economic society to develop more prominent place, energetically compose builds modern industry new system, drive economic society to last healthy progress. Basis 935 program compen


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