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  • American industry withers ceaselessly industry foreground is exasperate

    If one domestic company changed 3 CEO inside 9 months, so its situation may not be too good, this is the situation that Fastenal of company of the biggest fastener faces the United States. The beginning of the story is, fastenal announced poorer 3 quarters battalion to close with net profit. Actually, not fathomless why this company faces pressure. Oil price drops to had given the sources of energy relevant company cause tremendous difficulty, this is the explanation that lucky letter gives out

  • March 1, Canada decided not to Chinese-made drywall screws antidumping

    March 1, Canada decided not to Chinese-made drywall screws antidumping and countervailing filing Interim Review March 1, 2010, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal announced its decision not originating in mainland China and Taiwan drywall screws antidumping and countervailing interim review filing. January 6, 2010, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal on the origin of anti-dumping and countervailing duty sunset review final ruling of industrial damage to carbon steel and stainless ste

The trend analysis of mechanical fasteners industry development in our

Machinery industry is a major one of the users of fasteners.Our country is mechanical fasteners production country, the existing mechanical fasteners domestic enterprises more than 7000.Mechanical fasteners production in our country has for many years the worlds first, but for the most part the current domestic production of mechanical fasteners products for low intensity, low class.International mold and metal plastic industry suppliers association secretary general luo hui pointed out, the hig

Published on 2018-08-15

Machinery industry development of fastener products will be put forward

Customs statistics, 1 November 2011, import and export of mechanical industry $574.557 billion, up 24.09% from a year earlier.Among them, the imported 283.023 billion us dollars, up 23.34%;Exports of $291.534 billion, up 24.83%;Import and export trade surplus of $8.511 billion.At present, the engineering machinery sales and sales have both surpass the United States, Japan, Germany, the worlds first;From its self-sufficiency rate of China construction machinery 15 During the period of 70%, up to

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Internet + machine substitution into fasteners enterprise transformatio

Yesterday, the mechanical and electrical products import and export chamber of commerce of China, jiaxing city peoples government hosted, business bureau of jiaxing city, zhejiang province, jiaxing fastener fastener industry association to undertake import and export enterprises association of China (jiaxing) fastener industry expo 2015 (hereinafter referred to as tight expo) held in jiaxing international conference and exhibition center.It is understood that China (jiaxing) fastener industry ex

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China develops development to give lathe of numerical contro

China develops development to give lathe of numerical control of much main shaft independently b

Published on 2018-06-21
  • Hubei chemical fertilizer synthesizes gas 200 thousand tons t

    On November 28, hubei chemical fertilizer 200 thousand tons / year synthetic gas makes technology of glycol whole set pass Chinese

  • Brigadier of mark of a batch of big new environmental protection wanted

    Enter after August, code of a batch of new environmental protection standard had begun to carry out again, our country of it serves to show governs environmental determination. It is to regard environmental protection as the person below cannot the environmental protection standard that insensible will implement. Chen Jining of minister of environmental protection ministry expresses, finish 935 the program suggests to put forward zoology environment wants overall improvement target, will take th

  • The State Council makes: Announce do not have without card according to

    The State Council of Peoples Republic of China makes the 684th, announce now do not have without card according to manage investigate method , apply since October 1, 2017. The first to uphold order of socialist market economy, stimulative fairness competes, protect the legitimate rights and interests of operator and consumer, make this way. Any the 2nd units or the provision that the individual does not get lawbreaking, code, the State Council to decide, be engaged in be not being had without ca


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