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China suffers amount of trade friction case to still reside perch

On July 6, department of Commerce holds routine news briefing, news spokesman height is introducing when the home made product in first half of the year suffers commerce to relieve investigation condition this year, express, china suffers commerce to relieve investigation case amount and amount to all have first half of the year drop, but 5 years with the past photograph of the corresponding period compares overall wave motion not quite, still be in perch. According to height introduction, this

Published on 2017-09-25
  • The United States is right in imprint stainless steel flange is initiat

    American Department of Commerce announces 6 days, initiate to the product of stainless steel flange that imports from China and India instead dumping and combat subsidy ( double turn over ) to investigate. American Department of Commerce made a statement that day say, launching afore-mentioned investigation is the appeal of alliance of business of production of flange of response United States and its member. Afore-mentioned products that their accusation imports from China and India are 99.23%-

  • United States lift its spring washer anti-dumping administrative review

    United States lift its spring washer anti-dumping administrative review April 2, 2010, the US Department of Commerce issued a notice, should the complainants withdrawal request, decided to withdraw the Chinese enterprises involved Hangzhou Spring Washer Co., Ltd. / Zhejiang million new Group (Hangzhou Spring Washer Co. Ltd. (also known as Zhejiang Wanxin Group Co., Ltd.)) 2008 ~ 2009 years of administrative review. September 20, 1992, the US Department of Commerce originating in China spring was


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Sumitomo successful development of polymer light emitting diodes (PLED)

Sumitomo successful development of polymer light emitting diodes (PLED) Sumitomo (sumitomo) Chemical Company developed a new durable material emitted blue light for polymer light emitting diodes (pled). And put into mass production in 2004 allegedly .pled materials can continue to use 10,000 hours. commercialize the production of highly viable while others pled manufacturers can only reach so far only a few thousand hours of life. In addition .pled production process than the low molecular weigh

Published on 2016-04-20
  • Eletroplate to exit predominate of coating of arena environmental prote

    This year before December 31, tianjin city will be over to eletroplate in couples, coking plant, plate glass, nitrogenous fertilizer, nonferrous metal, printing and dyeing, farming medicine of deputy food treatment, raw material is made, the application of license of blowdown of 10 industries business such as curry, pesticide and nuclear hair job, begin an environment to superintend according to card execute the law. Rose on January 1 from next year, the enterprise must hold card blowdown relate

  • Upgrading of the manufacturing quality valve trademark settled oubei

    Upgrading of the manufacturing quality valve trademark settled oubei Valve brand bases in Zhejiang Oubei settled reported. The establishment of Zhejiang province, Zhejiang electronic information. Jewelry. Wood. Feather products, such as nine brand bases. Brand bases building. Zhejiang Province is to build an advanced manufacturing industry base. upgrading of the manufacturing level are encouraged to register and use the trademark to build a famous brand. trademark brand promotion strategy and la

  • Catch research and development of painty nation emphasis to plan a proj

    On November 28, academy of chemical industry of group subordinate Shenyang is changed to hold in typical dye and organic pigment turn production continuously nearly 0 discharge a technology the project is started meeting. Material of center of research and development of hi-tech of ministry of national science and technology grows academician of Hu Yongkang of Shi Dongmei, Chinese Academy of Engineering everywhere, and many 10 authoritative expert that comes from university of college of industr

3 the Incantation of the Golden hoop restrict ministry of environmental

In recent years, environmental protection superintend and director is checked, environmental protection policy increasingly hasten is severe. From print and distribute of general office of general office of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the State Council the opinion that monitors data quality about deepening an environment to monitor reform to improve an environment since, environmental protection ministry builds false behavior to hit strength to environmental data more severe.

Published on 2017-12-29

Industry 4 flap the whole world notes pattern of competition of model m

Recently, cerebral sea mile of the author emerges one piece pursues constantly, one Zhang Ming is the whole world notes pattern of competition of model machine market graph. This piece of graph is pressed in mind commonly like megalith of a thousand pieces of gold. This piece of plan is very simple, very deep also, a 4 pyramid, represented the whole world to note force of field of model machine market to allocate. From go up to below, ordinal it is Europe, north America, Japan, chinese advantage

Published on 2017-12-29

Gao Lingmin of the Pb(II) in Hefei academy liquid waste spends select-h

Huang Hangjiu group uses institute of machinery of intelligence of Hefei of academy of science of material of Hefei of the Chinese Academy of Sciences classification oxide of bimetallic of poriferous cerium zirconium accept rice material, the difference of adsorptive to ion of different heavy metal rate realized the tall sensitivity of minute contaminant Pb(II) , select-high sex to detect. In current heavy metal ion in detecting, electrochemistry method already got applied extensively. But becau

Published on 2017-12-28

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