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Fasteners Industrial

STAMA with products at EMO 2017

Published on 2018-06-21
  • Mexico nail sunset review of anti-dumping cases require evidence of the

    Mexico nail sunset review of anti-dumping cases require evidence of the second stage May 4, the Mexican Ministry of Economy I note Embassy Commercial Office in Mexico, I inform interested parties on the nail sunset review of anti-dumping cases provide evidence of the second stage. Specific requirements are as follows: 1, the information provided must be in Spanish. , If the pieces must be accompanied Spanish translation into other languages. 2, to provide the public version and version informati

  • Shi Luofu of the heart inside Holand publishs new generation tall produ

    Nedschroef of supplier of technology of European lead close firm published a name to be the close firm system of TICnut recently. TICnut contented nowadays is aimed at apply to material of template of more laminose gold, superposition and the component with all sorts of qualitative material concatenate demand. Wisdom changes norms to make TICnut OK be in alloy is not received to belong to below the circumstance of bore beforehand. Improve productivity and the manufacturer that raise investment p

The trend analysis of mechanical fasteners industry development in our

Machinery industry is a major one of the users of fasteners.Our country is mechanical fasteners production country, the existing mechanical fasteners domestic enterprises more than 7000.Mechanical fasteners production in our country has for many years the worlds first, but for the most part the current domestic production of mechanical fasteners products for low intensity, low class.International mold and metal plastic industry suppliers association secretary general luo hui pointed out, the hig

Published on 2018-08-15

Machinery industry development of fastener products will be put forward

Customs statistics, 1 November 2011, import and export of mechanical industry $574.557 billion, up 24.09% from a year earlier.Among them, the imported 283.023 billion us dollars, up 23.34%;Exports of $291.534 billion, up 24.83%;Import and export trade surplus of $8.511 billion.At present, the engineering machinery sales and sales have both surpass the United States, Japan, Germany, the worlds first;From its self-sufficiency rate of China construction machinery 15 During the period of 70%, up to

Published on 2018-08-15

Internet + machine substitution into fasteners enterprise transformatio

Yesterday, the mechanical and electrical products import and export chamber of commerce of China, jiaxing city peoples government hosted, business bureau of jiaxing city, zhejiang province, jiaxing fastener fastener industry association to undertake import and export enterprises association of China (jiaxing) fastener industry expo 2015 (hereinafter referred to as tight expo) held in jiaxing international conference and exhibition center.It is understood that China (jiaxing) fastener industry ex

Published on 2018-08-15

Chemical Machinery

9 branches print and distribute 935 execute natural resources of the strictest water to manage a system to assess the job to implement plan

To fulfil the State Council manages the opinion of the system about executing natural resources of the strictest water (the country sends 〔 2012 〕 3) , the announcement that general office of the State Council executes natural resources of the strictest water to manage a system to examine way about print and distribute (the country does hair 〔 2012 〕 3, drive 935 system of management of natural resources of the strictest water checks the work, recently, country of combination of irrigati

Published on 2018-06-21
  • Print and distribute of the State Council accelerate development rehabi

    Autograph of electric classics Premier Li Kejiang will approve Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on October 27, the State Council a few days ago print and distribute a certain number of opinions that have an industry about accelerating development rehabilitation assistor , make comprehensive deploy to the development that rehabilitation of our country of a period will assist implemental industry henceforth. opinion point out, development rehabilitation assistor provides an industry to want to hold t

  • What is peaceful wave intelligence is made already new issue

    Had a pair when industrial robot 3D eye, what kind of world will they see? Joined when equipment content couplet net, can they announce what dictate? 15 days, the reporter is made in Ning Bo intelligence of 2017 our country full view the discovery on the meeting, what is intelligence is made already new issue, a few robot operations that deployed advanced skill, process designing resembles unexpectedly goofy machine , of countless intelligence factory present only time problem. Industrial robot

  • 16 branches are depended on lawfully about using Miscellaneous Leaflet

    Industry and development of informatization ministry nation and resource of manpower of reform commission treasury department and ministry of natural resources of land of social security ministry state-owned asset supervises the State Council of bank of people of China of Department of Commerce of Ministry of Agriculture of environmental protection ministry quality of nation of total bureau of industrial and commercial administration of state of total bureau of Wu of tax of administrative commit


Textile Machinery


Woodworking Machinery