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  • Sale amounted to American Fastenal company May 383 million dollar, grow

    Sale grew Fastenal of American fastener company compared to the same period May this year 14.9% , sale amounts to 383 million dollar. Among them fastener business sale grows 6.7% compared to the same period. It is reported, fastenal company achieves the growth of 9.5% in business sale of the United States, the sale of whole North America achieves the growth of 9.7% . Among them fastener business began to carry growth state Feburary from this year, fastener sale achieved growth first since the 3r

  • Eighth International Fastener Fair Russia on May 24 opened in Moscow

    Eighth International Fastener Fair Russia on May 24 opened in Moscow Russia Local time at 10:00 on May 24, four-day Russia Fastener Fair (FASTTEC-2010) in Moscow Crocus Expo exhibition center opened. About 100 companies showcase their products and services in the exhibition hall. Which has more than twenty fastener manufacturers from China: Zhapu Industrial, Ningbo Ning forces Jing Hengfeng, Xinxing, Cixi Dashen, Zhongshan gold, Yu Haiyan, Sichuan teeth can be called, Handan Hengfa, Jiashan Zhon

  • Does Chinese steel price rise different common: ? Does allow save ゲ 

    Beautiful intermediary says, american president Telangpuwei coerce is asked for to importing iron and steel with heavy taxation. And in the 20 countries that hamburger holds group peak was met on July 8 on, western country leader expressed the dissatisfaction around steely worker obtain employment in succession. According to wall street daily reported on July 11, produce in iron and steel can serious superfluous the China that drives global steel price to drop is in however produce interesting o


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Smelting furnace of carborundum of whole sealing movable type kiln technology international is banner

A few days ago, chinese machinery Joint Industry Conference is chaired in Beijing hold limited company of carborundum of gallinaceous Dong Baoxin of own research and development smelting furnace of carborundum of whole sealing movable type kiln technology and application appraisal of achievement of science and technology is met. Expert appraisal thinks, this technology is gentle to raising water of craft of smelt of our country carborundum equipment standard has important sense, technical level

Published on 2017-09-15
  • Jin Jiuyin 10 glycol fourth aether whether solid return to the name?

    The near future, aether of Chinese glycol man (BCS) the market goes sign is subtle, atmosphere of previous be expected to fall is swept and empty, subsequently and those who come is low cherish carry out, haven inventory anticipates amount of the hair outside nervous, homebred goods is limited etc. So the market is about to enter traditional demand peak period Jin Jiuyin 10 , does market of glycol fourth aether go potential energy to deny solid return to the name? Above all, add of raw material

  • High cost can industry choose can effect get the person that run

    Hair of general office of industry letter department, country changes appoint general office of general office, total bureau of national qualitative check allotted an announcement a few days ago, requirement organization begins 2017 year high cost can industry can effect get the person that run choose the job. The chemical industry such as ammonia of treatment of ethylene, crude oil, synthesis, methanol child the industry is brought into choose limits. The announcement points out, consumption of

  • Processing of chemical liquid waste is a careful work

    Emphasize a process controlling, resource reclaims, discharge harmless change, processing of tall salt waste water is a key Since this year, in belt of economy of the Yangtse River special superintend and director checks environmental protection in waiting for the job, processing of water pollution of enterprise of chemical garden area, chemical industry makes the focal point that runs an attention, relevant processing market is warming up. But meanwhile, as 935 the key that industrial water pol


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